October 26, 2020

An in-home newborn photo session with first time parents

An in-home newborn photo session with first time parents

Are you expecting a new arrival but are unsure about what having newborn photos might look like? Are you torn between having Fresh 48 photos at hospital or an in-home newborn photo session? As I follow up to a Mum’s point of view on Fresh 48 photos, I wrote this. Read on…

Roz and Dan were expecting a baby and introduced to me through their NCT friends. We chatted back and forth about photos at the hospital vs photos at home and Roz’s concerns about how she’d feel after giving birth, both mentally and physically.

Roz texted me as I was driving to their house to check if my camera “removed eye bags and extra weight” because their first night with a newborn was “not fun”! And this is a common concern I hear.

Nobody feels quite like themselves when they’ve just had a baby – your body feels foreign. It’s neither your old body, nor your pregnancy body that you’d gradually learnt to embrace. Your sleep is turned upside down and suddenly you are living with a stranger.


You’re living with your brand spanking new baby! You are seeing your partner as a parent for the first time. And there is so much magic to be had in these early moments.

Roz’s message after looking through the gallery was “we’ve just had a look and they’re lovely! So perfect, just what we were after. Although, I now wonder why I didn’t bother drying my hair 😂?! Thank you so much, these are photos that we will treasure forever 🥰 ”

You don’t need to do anything special for magical moments

The best bit is that an in-home newborn photo session will just capture life as it is. So you don’t need to put on airs and graces or pretend life is something it isn’t.

In the fullness of time, the photos you have from this time will be so precious for all their perfect imperfections.

They’ll help you remember the first days of getting to know each other, through the newborn haze.

Photos help fill in your baby’s timeline when they don’t have their own memories and encourage their self-esteem.

Check out the most commonly asked questions on my FAQ pages and if you want to chat about your own newborn photographed then why not book a call with me?

Roz’s final words on having photos taken were these:

“Tori has provided us with some once in a lifetime photos of our new born. The shoot itself was comfortable and enjoyable; you barely noticed her snapping away. And the photos are just fantastic.

I would encourage anyone to use Tori to get photos that you will cherish forever.”

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