December 20, 2018

St Albans family photography: my favourite photos of 2018

St Albans family photographer: my favourite photos of 2018

Is anyone else struggling to understand where 2018 went?  I am just speechless that we’re just a few days away from Christmas… again!  This year has been so wonderful for me working as a St Albans family photographer, so I hope it’s been the same for you.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a lot of my wedding couples again because they’ve embarked on new stages of life. A lot of these were welcoming their first child or subsequent children.  Some have also had me photograph their new business ventures.  Amazing to catch up with all of them!  Plus I’ve been lucky enough to photograph lots of new families this year.

I would love to thank you all, sincerely, for your continued trust in me photographing your families this year.  Have a wonderful Christmas, surrounding by those that mean the most to you and may 2019 bring you only health, happiness and prosperity.  Read on if you want to hear a bit more about 2018 and upcoming special offers.  Get in touch if you fancy your own photos for 2019.

What has 2018 held for Tori Deslauriers Photography?

Business wise, this has been the first year in a decade that I haven’t spent most weekends at weddings.  I’ve had a fabulous year working as a St Albans family photographer instead. Essentially my journey with weddings is taking a backseat because I am getting such joy from photographing children currently.  Added bonus, a lot of my former wedding couples are coming into this stage of life at the same time as me!  Plus I’ve been lucky enough to win a fair few awards for these photos so I was pretty floored by that.

I’m in love with the little kisses between Mums and sons, cuddles from daughters to Dads, hugging siblings, pride-filled looks between parents over their kids’ heads, belly laughter: these things are everything to me.  I’ve photographed families of all different shapes and sizes this year and one thing has united them all – deep love for each other. Could I really be any luckier than to be surrounded by that on a regular basis?

What has 2018 seen for me personally?

Personally I’ve just loved this year.  Our son, Grayson, is nearly two and a half.  He’s turned into such a cheeky little monkey, full of his own personality. I can see a lot of myself in him. This, of course, means we’re butting heads as he seems to have inherited my stubbornness!   But he makes us laugh every single day and I get up each morning (far earlier than I would like!) so excited for one of his neck-squeezing cuddles.

Anyway, I decided to round up a few of my favourite photos from this year.  It’s by no means exhaustive, as I could have put up hundreds.  But these are just some little snapshots of peoples’ lives that warm my heart.  There are the little hands crawling that soon won’t be needed as she masters walking.   Check out the happy smiles with only a tooth or two that will soon be filled with teeth. See the ice cream dripping down happy chins in summer.  More of all of this for 2019 please!

Why take family photos?

If you meant to get your photo taken in 2018 then please get in touch in 2019. I’d absolutely love to help you capture this moment in time and preserve these memories for you.  Keep an eye on my Facebook page and website because I have a newsletter launching with some special deals for 2019.  Definitely sign up if you’re interested.  Or in the meantime, check out some other photos on my blog!

See you in 2019!

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