Most of business is having your target audience develop the coveted 'know, like, trust' factor. And how better to do that than getting them to stop the infinite social media scroll with some awesome imagery?! I’m here to help you do just that!

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Personal stylist sorting clothes on clothes rail during personal branding shoot
Tori absolutely just got it! The photos are incredible and have captured exactly what my team and I are about. Also received them in record time and so beautifully edited. Bloody love you woman!!
Photoshoot with Tori was great! She made it very easy and showed genuine interest. Highly recommended.


Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to sell yourself authentically in an increasingly crowded online world? Feel overwhelmed with always having to create new ideas for your social media channels?

I get it, I’m trying to do it all too. I have a young son, a business and a mental carousel that makes me dizzy some days. I want to conquer the world in limited hours while not missing a minute of my home life. I don’t have time to mess around either! I understand the importance of showing up loud and proud for your business and then getting back to the business of enjoying non-business time.

I help small business owners with big goals by creating show stopping, on brand imagery that helps you sell yourself authentically in an increasingly crowded online world. It’s dog eat dog out there so you need to stand out.


As well as the obvious job of letting people know what you look like before you meet up in person, your headshot is a vital photo on your website. It lets your ideal client get a sense of who you are and what you are about while someone is getting to know your business.

Through that one little photo people can either want to get to know more from a professional, friendly person… or be totally put off working with you. Is your headshot a true likeness of how you look now? What does your headshot say about you and does it need a refresh?

I can highly recommend Tori. She made me feel so at ease, I forgot she was there at times! The whole process from discussing and planning the branding shoot, the shoot itself and the online gallery was efficient, professional and fun.
Lou Murphy Styles

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I hope this can answer all your questions but if not drop me a line!

Questions? Drop me a line!

Lifestyle branding photography is where companies use photography to showcase themselves and what they do in a fun way, but without being too in your face ‘salesy’. It’s a really effective way to sell the lifestyle of working with your brand.

Any company can show a headshot of the person who runs the business. Smarter companies use branding photography to their advantage to show not only the people that work there, but HOW it with feel to work with you, HOW you will help other businesses, and make other people feel they MUST have you and nobody else for what you do.

I think most of us feel awkward in front of the camera and then zoom in immediately on our paranoia zones when we see a photo of ourselves!

The first few minutes you might feel a bit umcomfy, but everyone relaxes into it…

Read some testimonials to see how chilled out a branding shoot can be. Lots of people have actually surprised themselves by actually enjoying it – can you imagine!

Yep, I know that it feels like your marketing job would be easier if you were selling a tangible product, but we can totally tell the story of your business without showing photos of lipstick or books. We use the most powerful weapon at your disposal…you!

People want to know about what makes you tick, why you love doing what you do, how you spend your time when you’re away from your computer. We can show all of this.

There are so many options here. Your home is probably fabulous or where do you usually meet your clients? But this is such a minor stumbling block… and something we talk through together when we decide all the other elements of your shoot.

After your shoot, I edit the absolute best of the best photos. The full gallery will be emailed to you within two weeks… they’ll be worth the wait! Then it’s time for you to get busy updating your website and showing up loud and proud for yourself on social media!

I’m in St Albans, Hertfordshire but travel all over the UK and further afield for branding shoots. I’m happy to go anywhere and will just add on any applicable travel costs. But book a call below and we can chat through all the details.

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“It’s safe to say I’m quite shy and my shyness can be read as unfriendly in photos. Tori brought out a side of me even my own family was surprised to see! I loved our photo session. Tori made me feel completely at ease and I’d recommend her 100%.”


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In 2023, I won the silver Best Businesswomen Award for Best Creative Business, in 2021, I won an award in Shining Star Business awards.

Voted lovliest photographer in hertfordshire every year since 2019!

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