We’re all guilty of making excuses that stop us from getting in front of the camera and showing up for our business and ourselves. I’m as guilty as the next person! I’m always thinking about “just losing a few pounds” and a million other things to make getting in front of the camera feel just a bit less intimidating. But the bottom line is often we just make excuses for not getting our headshots done. Are you guilty of this?

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, I’m here to gently pose you in the most flattering way possible. So what’s your next reason for putting your headshots off?!

Here are some other reason that often get brought up when it comes to booking your headshot sessions..

I don’t have the time to get clothes and do my hair

I am a firm believer in picking something you already own and love – make life easy! We all have that article of clothing that everyone compliments you in. If you’ve had your colours done then I bet it’s something that’s in your season. If you haven’t had your colours done by the way, let me put you in touch with someone, it’s a game changer!

Don’t stress about a new outfit and a makeover. Your headshot is meant to be recognisable first and foremost but also sell your personality. That doesn’t mean going out and investing in a new three-piece suit. It means wearing something that is YOU.

If you want to get your hair and make-up done then then this needs some minimal coordination but it doesn’t have to be a big scary thing. Use it as a pamper day!

relaxed st albans headshot session

I always feel so awkward and self-conscious in front of the camera

I totally get this one. We all have these thoughts. I am not going to promise you that you won’t show up feeling a bit awkward or that you won’t start out nervous… you may.

BUT… it’s my job to help you relax and get the best out of you for your headshots.

And will there be horrible photos? Almost certainly! Here are some of the horrible outtakes of me from my latest headshots. And despite these utter clangers, I still love my headshots. And you will too.

This is why I pick the best of the best for you because NOBODY wants to see this type of photo of themselves!

I think it’s too expensive and I already have my headshots from 10 years ago

A ten-year-old headshot is probably not worth keeping unless you’ve been lucky and found the fountain of youth! If you don’t look like your photo then you absolutely need to update it. Similarly, as soon as you drastically alter your appearance (like a big hair style change) you’ll want to consider refreshing that headshot.

Can you really afford not to have a great, up to date headshot that adequately sells your business properly?

nutriotionalist headshot st albans
small business headshot session

I’m just busy with other things right now

We’re all busy with other things all the time. That’s the reality of running a business isn’t it?

But there is absolutely nothing worse than representing yourself with that LinkedIn generic blank face, or almost worse the awful phone selfie! How do you want to represent yourself and your business to the world?

Yes, we’re busy but a headshot session with me will not take up lots of time, only 30 minutes in fact. So there really is no excuse to keep putting it off when it’s so essential to have a great headshot.

Headshots aren’t really that important anyway


Did you know LinkedIn profiles with photos are 36 more times more likely to get a message and receive 21 times more views. And a real life version of this: a company I know was hiring for a great job a while back and they had so many applicants (through LinkedIn) that they decided to immediately discount anyone that couldn’t be bothered to put up a headshot. It didn’t even matter what their skills were; if they hadn’t put the effort into a a professional headshot, this company weren’t putting the effort into reading their application.

Think about it, if you were starting a business, would you ever say a logo wasn’t that important or worth investing in? A headshot is to your personal brand what a logo is to a business’ brand.

Can you afford to have people judging you on your website or social media like that?

happy professional headshot st albans

So, what are you waiting for, let’s ditch the excuses, spend 30 minutes and get some awesome headshots sorted for you? Let’s get this off your to do list once and for all! You can find out some more information about headshots and branding photography by clicking that link.