Photography for small businesses in St Albans

What to expect from your business photo shoot

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Picking your photographer

Whether you’re looking for simple headshots or a full photography shoot to rebrand your business, you’re in the right place. Having the right photos to help your business stand out is so crucial, especially in this dog-eat-dog online world we find ourselves in. It’s so overwhelming sometimes to know how to best market yourself and to know how to appeal to your ideal client, and having on-brand images that you can quickly and easily pull from, without having to stress is the obvious first step. 

After all, isn’t most of business about having your target audience develop that know, like, trust factor? And how better to do that than getting them to stop the infinite social media scroll with some kick-ass images?! I’m here to help you do just that! 

If you’re not even sure what branding photography is or why you might need it, don’t worry I’ve written all about that here.

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Getting ready for your shoot

Well, the hardest step is actually making the decision to book a shoot for yourself – honestly! In advance you’ll fill in a questionnaire all about your business and what you need from your photos, plus we’ll have a call to make I am able to fully deliver what you need from your photos. I’ll also send you all the info you could think of about clothes, makeup, props, locations and so on – any question you can think of, I’ve got it covered!

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During the photo shoot

I appreciate this bit can feel nerve-wracking, but it’ll be fun – promise! I’ll be there to hand hold through it all and everyone tells me they are surprised by how much they actually enjoy having their photo taken. Shocker, right?!  At the shoot, it’s a combination of me directing you gently to get you into the best light and positioning and then helping you to relax so that your love of your business can shine through for your ideal clients to see.

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After your business photo shoot

So what next? Well, you sit back and know you’ve done something awesome for your business and I get to work! I start picking out the best of the best from all the photos I’ve taken of your on our shoot and start digitally perfecting them. Within two weeks you’ll see your photo gallery and download your photos. Then you can get to work updating your website, refreshing your social media and planning your next step towards world domination.

Let’s chat about your business

Want a little more info first? Check out these FAQs about branding photography sessions:

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