Well hello there!

St Albans family photographer photo collage

OH MY GOD!! They’re fabulous!

I’ve never had such amazing photos!

Caroline, Amersham

Tori absolutely just got it! The photos are incredible.

Bloody love you woman!!


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Why choose me as your photographer?

headshot of laughing hertfordshire family photographer Tori Deslauriers

Hey! I’m Tori, I’m a moth-hating, travel loving, metaphorical plate-spinning Mum who laughs at inappropriate things (but often doesn’t get jokes that others find funny).

You’ll often find me eating my family’s chocolate while wearing a Comfy (which can only be described as a hoodie for a giant!) and binge watching crap aimed at teenagers on Netflix.

When I’ve got my grown-up hat on, I’m an award winning photographer based in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

I specialise in photographing awesome weddings, families and kick-ass businesses in Hertfordshire and further afield. (If you’re now going “oh but she doesn’t have a speciality”, oh but I do, it’s happy people!)

People often describe me as easy-going and friendly. Clients that were nervous about having a stranger join their world, told me afterwards that it was like hanging out with a buddy rather than a photographer.

If you’re a bit of a shy extrovert then we’re probably the same sort of conflicted folk!

There are lots of real people on the testimonials pages under relevant tabs so you can hear from them rather than me trying to tell you how it is to work with me!

Read on for more weird and wonderful nonsense and to see if we’re friends that haven’t met yet…

There’s nobody more gullible…

Would you forgive him?!

People play jokes on me all the time. Usually it’s my husband, who is now teaching our son his evil ways!

The photo is my 1 year old son holding an exact replica of our kitchen knives made from cardboard and foil. My husband made this while I was a 3 hour drive away, texted me and then didn’t pick up the phone. They found it hysterical. I did not! Nearly four years on I’ve 90% forgiven them!

Gross story alert!

My brother (who is, embarrassingly, 4 years younger than me) told me when I was little that if anyone ever saw you do a poo and saw your “poo face”, you died on the spot. When pregnant, in hypnobirthing class the teacher was talking about the pushing part of labour and I became near hysterical assuming your poo face is why some women die in childbirth.

I was 34. 😳

Why I’m weird (if you believe my husband)

But, I’ll leave you to be the judge.

Maybe I am odd. Or maybe you, too, think life is just too short to eat cornflakes and think bananas are the tool of the devil. Who knows?!

I can’t wait to get to know you either way… whatever you eat for breakfast!

  • How much of the time I eat leftovers for breakfast 80% 80%
  • How much I freak out when I see a moth or a butterfly 100% 100%
  • How much I still believe the poo face thing 50% 50%
  • How often I wake up before the sun rises (for no reason whatsoever) 75% 75%
  • How much I like bananas 0% 0%

A few more pieces of the puzzle…

I love jigsaws – totally old before my time

I’m a total bookworm and will read almost anything

My first job of the new year is making a photo book of the previous one

I don’t drink tea or coffee – shocker, I know!

I speak Japanese (but I’m a bit rusty now)

I’ve been in prison (calm down, it was for my dissertation!)

I love 80s big hair, rock music. The shame!

I love to travel & I’ve visited North Korea

I paid my way through uni swim teaching & lifeguarding

Think I might be the right photographer for you & fancy a chat?

Let’s have a chat!

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