Relaxed, story-telling photography for your family and business


ice cream dripping down boys chin
woman working at desk during photoshoot

Hi, I’m Tori, an award winning photographer, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I have a young family too, and understand completely that the juggle is real and that life isn’t always as you see it in shiny photographs, and yet this is what makes your life unique and wonderful.

I live for story-telling images whether that is capturing your family in all its brilliant mayhem or telling the kick-ass story of your business. Let’s capture the story of your world

Take a look around and please drop me a line – I can’t wait to chat about your photo project!

headshot of st albans family photographer Tori Deslauriers

This is me, Tori! And this is a behind the scenes video of a family shoot – it’s not long so take a look because it’ll give you a good idea of how relaxed being photographed really is, because I know it can be a nerve wracking prospect 🙂