March 16, 2015

A Sunny Coltsfoot Wedding With Kilts: Jo & Duncan

This wedding was a dream. Firstly because a Coltsfoot Country Retreat wedding is always going to be among my favourites because I just adore this venue! It’s such a peach of a Hertfordshire wedding venue so I love photographing there.

Secondly, Jo and Duncan are the type of couple I live to photograph! They are just so full of joy and laughter and it’s thoroughly infectious.

Jo actually booked me online from their adopted home in Australia and they only flew home a few days before the wedding so I hadn’t done my usual meet and greet / engagement shoot but it made no difference; we were old friends from the get go!

They got ready at Jo’s family home in Bengeo and both got dressed in the lovely bedrooms at Coltsfoot. One moment that I think summed up Jo’s attitude to her wedding day perfectly was right before she walked down the aisle to Duncan. 

The day was warm and her flower girl had left a chocolate bar on a chair which had melted. Jo unknowingly sat on said chocolate bar. I know a lot of brides who’d be horrified to ruin their Karen Willis Holmes dress but Jo laughed her head off said “well that looks like poo doesn’t it?!”, wiped it off best she could and wandered down the aisle towards the man she loves.

The rest of their day was similarly full of love, laughter and laid back happiness. I absolutely loved it. And Jo and Duncan were rewarded with a beautiful sunny evening and gorgeous sunset to finish the day!

Why choose Coltsfoot Country Retreat

Coltsfoot Country Retreat is the place to consider if you want stunning bedrooms, a beautiful barn wedding venue with modernisation to include large windows that bathe the reception room in light and a gorgeous indoor-outdoor space to host your civil ceremony in during any weather.

Mostly though it’s the absolutely outstanding food (genuinely the best food I think I’ve had at any wedding venue!) and the lovely team that make Coltsfoot really stand out for me.

Definitely one to check out in my books!

If you’re having a Coltsfoot Country Retreat wedding or are looking for happy Hertfordshire wedding photography in general then definitely get in touch, I’d love to hear about your big day!

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