December 23, 2014

Richmond pre-wedding shoot: Charlotte & Liam

Richmond pre-wedding shoot: Charlotte & Liam

So, after six straight days of beautiful blue skies and crisp, calm winter days in the usually miserable UK winter, I have to admit I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed to wake up to the normal high winds and grey, overcast December skies for Charlotte & Liam’s Richmond pre-wedding shoot.  -Especially- as they’d flown in all the way from Perth, Australia to do wedding bits and bobs (and celebrate Christmas with their families of course!) and I was pretty much the first stop off the plane!

However, I needn’t have worried as Charlotte & Liam’s warm personalities and sunny smiles (yep, weather puns – sorry!) made it such an enjoyable afternoon.

Charlotte & Liam met on university placement years working in Portsmouth and have been together ever since.  They’ve planned a beautiful, relaxed, three day wedding at the Great Tythe Barn next summer so they can have a proper catch up with people coming from far-afield, themselves included.  There was only one hiccup with the planning – Liam got an amazing job in Perth so they jetted off to their new lives eight weeks before Christmas!

We met up in Richmond as it was their old stomping ground.  As we wandered round taking photos they showed me their old apartment, places they used to hang out, the park they used to run in… it was lovely to get a feel for their lifestyles, plus I kind of want to move to Richmond now!

Hearing about their wedding weekend though, it’s 100% up my street… gorgeous venue; check. Super fun couple; check. Aim to have a super chilled out weekend; check.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas period, especially the gorgeous Charlotte & Liam.

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