April 23, 2012

Notley Abbey wedding photography: Rob & Heather

Oh what a day! Notley Abbey had been on my venue wish list for some time so I was thrilled when Heather and Rob decided I was the right person for their day. And Notley Abbey wedding photography doesn’t disappoint, especially at such a beautiful spring wedding!

There are some brides that show obvious signs of nerves in the morning, some that get panicked about last minute things they should have done, and others that get super stressed (probably those pesky butterflies!). There are an altogether different type of bride that are just plain impatient to get their perfect dress on and get down the aisle to marry the man of their dreams and Heather was so clearly in this category!

And boy, when she put that dress on, her five bridesmaids fell silent because she looked radiant.

Their wedding took place on a blisteringly hot St George’s Day so was accessorised with bright red of course. Rob had picked this out because althought they’ve recently moved to Australia to set up shop out there, he says “they are still proudly flying the flag for England”

Heather did try to walk slowly down the aisle although I’m sure I saw a little gallop sneak in at one point!

Rob tried very hard, and nearly succeeded in not getting emotional when speaking about his love for Heather (and I admit I had a tear in my eye too as I’ve fallen in love with these two just a smidge as well!). He talked about how he knew he’d fallen in love with her walking a mile home together the first night they met and couldn’t find a taxi.

When asked if he was nervous about getting married, he said excited not nervous. Because when you meet the right person that you’re meant to be with, that’s just how it is.

And that’s how it feels to be around these two, that they’ve met the right person…

This was a day filled with love, that turned into a crazy night of dancing once Heather got her red Manolo Blahnik evening party shoes on. Gotta love a girl with two pairs of shoes!

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