August 29, 2012

Destination wedding photography: Chateau Challain in France

Anastasia & Alex’s destination wedding took place at the stunning Chateau Challain in Challain-la-Potherie near Angers in the south of France. What a stunning backdrop for a perfect wedding. If there is one thing that Anastasia & Alex’s self-led ceremony made me realise more than anything else, is that there is truly a language of love.

Although Anastasia & Alex live in London, they speak Russian and French at home so their ceremony was in a combination of these languages, neither of which I speak well enough to understand what was being said, however I found myself truly emotional throughout their ceremony. I’ll admit that at one point I even had to wipe a tear away behind my camera. Their 35 closest friends and family were incredibly moved by the words that Alex said to Anastasia and the words that she chose to reply with and people stood up to share poems and memories about the couple. As well as exchanging of rings, Alex also had a time capsule bottle of wine from the region that he is going to lay down for the next 20 years.

After the incredibly moving ceremony we got to stroll round the amazing grounds of the chateau and the house while the guests enjoyed drinks and some ice-cream, something Anastasia is obsessed with (a girl after my own heart!) and the day just flowed elegantly into Alex’s concert pianist sister wowing the guests, then a gorgeously presented dinner room, speeches that I didn’t understand but the guests certainly appreciated, a sumptuous dinner fitting of a chateau, a waltz that made Anastasia & Alex look like prince and princess in such a venue and the tastiest cake I’ve ever seen.

I was so sad to leave Anastasia & Alex to it, but they had a honeymoon in Greece beckoning them and well… I had to wish them well and come home!  What an amazing wedding, sometimes you just know two people love each other so much, even if you couldn’t be sure that they actually said that!

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