March 17, 2014

A Rainy Spring Coltsfoot Wedding: Sarah & Ian

Sarah & Ian got married at St Peter’s Church in St Albans followed by a Coltsfoot Country Retreat wedding reception.

They got married on Friday 13th which apparently caused some raised eyebrows among guests but they laughed it off saying that 13 was a common number in their worlds. Their first house together was number 13, one of them was born on Friday 13th and a whole bunch of other Friday 13s followed them around and it had always served them well so they were happy with their choice. Seeing how happy they were despite the pouring rain on the day, I think they were right!

Their days started at Sarah’s parent’s house for her with her parents and sisters carefully tending to her every need and for Ian with his best man at home.

Sarah looked stunning and couldn’t stop smiling as she prepared to marry Ian.  Ian, as he sat in the church showed the first signs of nerves and emotions, but admitted to me that he just couldn’t wait to see Sarah.

They beamed through their ceremony as they became husband and wife to the applause of their friends

Their day was styled to perfection; the gorgeous bright flowers matched with the muted greens of the wedding party, the naked cake adorned with flowers, the gingerbread men and women as favours.

Plus, there was a special guest – Sarah & Ian’s gorgeous standard Schnauzer made an appearance in the evening wearing his very own bowtie, cute!

I had to lower my camera and wipe away a tear when I heard Ian talk about Sarah in his speech and how he knew from the moment he met her that he would one day marry her.  That he knew she was amazing; too good for him; how lucky he was and a whole host of other sweet sentiments.  I knew I was in the presence of true love.

Huge congrats Sarah & Ian, what a great day!

Why choose Coltsfoot Country Retreat

Coltsfoot is a fabulous Hertfordshire wedding venue that you’d be mad not to look at if you’re after an exclusive use barn venue that’s licenced for civil ceremonies. It’s got a number of converted barns set around a pretty courtyard that’s perfect for outside drinks in nice weather (and great for kids to run around if you have younger guests at your wedding).

The team are lovely and the menus are incredible if you’re a bit of a foodie. Hands down the best meals I’ve had in the decade plus I’ve been photographing weddings! And they’ve now added accommodation on so you’ve got nowhere to go in the evenings – bonus.

Definitely one to go and have a look round!

If you’re having a Coltsfoot Country Retreat wedding and are looking for a photographer, or are looking for happy, natural Hertfordshire wedding photography at any other venue then definitely get in touch, I’d love to chat!

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