Cambridgeshire branding photographer: Sarah & her horses

Sarah is such an amazing equestrian. She lives and breathes horses. She trains them, understands them in a way I find fascinating to watch and dreams of dedicating her whole life to all things horse.

I spent a really enjoyable few hours with Sarah at her stables, watching her carry out her daily routines with her horses. I deliberately didn’t intervene in anything or set up any shots – just tried to capture what was going on. Bea & Charlie, Sarah’s horses, were definitely a little suspicious of me at first but we were friends by the end.

It was really fascinating watching her daily routine – mucking out, riding etc but mores, I really enjoyed seeing the connection between Sarah & the ponies. Having never really known much about horses I thought of them less as companion or pet and more as animal, been proved wrong there!  Sarah’s love for her horses is clear and they seem to love her too!

Sarah even invited me to go and ride one of them one day… reckon I can be that brave?!

And definitely get in touch if you have a blossoming business that you’d like to document and think a branding shoot could really help with.