November 19, 2020

Why I might not be the right photographer for you

I’m not the right family photographer for everyone and here’s why…

When you start trying to pick the right family photographer to create amazing memories for you, it can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of photographers around in all budgets and styles offering all manner of experiences and products.

So, how on earth do you make a decision?

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Maybe, a bit like school careers day – working out what you don’t want narrows down what is most important to you.

If you’re looking for studio photos…

If you love studio look photos with plain backgrounds then I’m definitely not the right photographer for you.

I firmly believe that kids should be free-reign.  Kids and adults need to explore the great outdoors and connect with our world.

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Furthermore, your home and surroundings are the patchwork of your life so why would you want to exclude them from photos?

I know you may be nervous about including your house. You think it isn’t photo worthy; not big enough, tidy enough and not the show home you aspire to?

But, it’s where you eat together, laugh together and where you make your memories. Your home is the perfect place for photos.

brothers having a nap during family photoshoot st albans

If you’re looking for posed photos…

Do you loved formal photos where everyone is looking at the camera in matching outfits? Then I am not the right photographer for you.

While I do try and take some photos of you looking at me, I can’t guarantee that everyone will all look in the same direction. It’s hard to make kids cooperate if they don’t want to!


For me, the magic is in those in-between moments with giggling and kids being their strong-willed selves. Having a photo of my husband, son and me laughing together and hugging is worth so much more than the three of us sat like chess pieces in our Sunday best. It captures something about who you are and how you interact.

And that’s what I want for you too.

family photoshoot cuddles with gorgeous family of four

Why choose me as your family photographer…

If you want formal, posed studio photos then I am definitely not the person you are looking for!

However, if you want relaxed, happy, natural photos in your home or running around in the park, then I am 100% the right photographer for you. I will work my bum off to capture real moments of you having fun with the most important people in your life. Make sure you have a good look through the family photo gallery and love the style of photos I will create for you.

I get that life is busy and that you don’t want to spend hours posing for a camera and that you don’t want to have to try and bribe your kids (or your partner for that matter!) to put on fancy clothes or sit still and smile.

You want photos that are going to show you as your awesome selves living your everyday life – your life that is hectic and fun, full of laughter and occasionally tantrums and tears too, but that is lived out loud and full of love. These are the fleeting moments that feel like they are flying by but that you’ll look back on and want to remember forever.

family walk through autumn trees on photoshoot

I hope this has helped with picking the right family photographer for you – now get in touch to book a shoot for your family if I meet the criteria 🙂 We will create magic photos together for the now and for the future. 

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