November 10, 2020

The beauty in photographing returning families

The joy in seeing families again

I always talk about the best bit of seeing families again and again, but I’m going to sing about it again today. It is genuinely the BEST part of getting to do what I do.

family walk through autumn trees on photoshoot

In 2012, I photographed an awesome wedding at a Durham University college. It included a fun-loving bride and groom going for a row in a boat on the River Wear. Genuinely, one of the highlights of that year 🙂

Fast forward a few years and I got to photograph that wonderful couple with their little girl. She was, at that point, taking her first tentative steps. Hard to believe she’s now embarking on her first term at school.


And just a few weeks ago, I got to meet the newest two additions to their family – the first who is about to turn one and the four-legged one who barely stayed still long enough to get in a photo!

It made my weekend seeing Zoë and Aidan with their kiddos.

Autumn leaves and pretty colours

Zoë and Aidan always manage to introduce me to awesome new places and this was no exception. The tree colours were just changing to autumn and it was beautiful. We looked for conkers, found tree dragons, explored animal benches in hidden hedge nooks and played hide and seek. The kids loved it (as did I!)

Autumn is such a great time for family photos as the colours are just so beautiful. If you are happy in wellies, it’s a great time of year to be out and about exploring.

Your family historian

It’s so great when you invest in your family photos, even every few years, to capture your changing family life.

Whether it’s the addition of a sibling, a dog, or just your kids growing up, it’s wonderful that you’ll all have these moments frozen in time to look back on. The days can sometimes feel so long but the years really are short and it can feel so easy to miss the magic in the everyday with how busy we all are. The days of seeing tree logs as dragons and taking magical rides on said dragon to sweetie land will be behind us faster than I’m sure we anticipate as parents, so don’t miss your chance to capture them.

If I can help you with updating your family photos or need a St Albans photographer, you can drop me a line here.

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