April 14, 2014

Cambridge corporate photographer: Edel’s bookbinding

Cambridge corporate photographer: Edel’s bookbinding

As you may remember from when I photographed Sarah I’ve been doing some more corporate and personal projects this year.  One of the most important things as a company, I think, is to show your personality off and help educate people about either why you’re different or why they’d want to work with you.  As such, having more of a lifestyle focus to your business, rather than the standard head shots can be a great way to portray this.

I had the great pleasure of spending a fascinating day at Brignell Bookbinders in Cambridge watching Edel making and repairing books.  The workshop was rather chaotic; piles of books everywhere, waiting for repair; new books being made; family heirlooms being lovingly restored.  I have to say that I was so interested by what was going on that at points I was forgetting about my camera!  Edel makes absolutely stunning books, book boxes and all other manner of goodies.  I think they’d be so wonderful as wedding guest books.  She also told me all manner of fascinating facts about paper, printing, different types of lettering; I loved it!  The most incredible was the marbled paper which is now a dying art form due to modern printing methods, but they way it was made, all by hand is just awe-inspiring.  Thanks for having me at the workshop to tell your company’s story.

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