February 3, 2021

My top three tips for getting the best headshots for your business

I know that the word headshot makes a lot of us cringe. Maybe you think of saying a big old cheese with a camera stuck in your face. Or perhaps you think of feeling super awkward and looking terrible in the resulting photos?

But what if I can tell you that it really doesn’t have to be that way?

small business headshot examples

1. Plan your headshot shoot in advance

As the old adage goes, fail to plan…plan to fail. Really, I think a headshot shoot is no different.

If you just show up having not thought about what you want to get out of your photos then you’re more likely to be disappointed with the results. For example, without clearly communicating to me that need only portrait black and white images, then when I deliver all landscape colour images, you’re likely to feel that they aren’t what you really wanted!

It’s worth having a good think about what platforms you want to use the images on as that might influence the orientation of the photo. Similarly, your preference on colour or black and white should be clearly communicated.

relaxed branding shoot st albans

2. Pick the perfect outfit for your headshot session

While you might fancy going and buying a new outfit, if you have something that you already feel fantastic wearing, then go for it! If you have a well-worn shirt but EVERY single person compliments you in it, then why not embrace it?

If you have had your colours done and know what makes you shine, then definitely stick with what lifts you up.

However, do give a little thought to your website colours. If you have a bright pink website, do you want to be wearing a bright orange shirt next to bright pink? Do you want to stand out against your brand colours, match them, contrast with them? There are no wrong answers – it’s down to your preferences for your business and your brand.

It’s also important that your brand shows through your outfit. For example, if you are a dog groomer and spend your working day in jeans and a t-shirt, will a headshot in a formal suit confuse your ideal client? Similarly, if you’re a solicitor, would a headshot in a Christmas jumper appeal to your client base? Maybe it would because you’re trying to attract clients that want an informal solicitor. But these things are worth thinking about.

headshots for creative business in st albans

3. Be yourself in your photos

Opt for personality over glamour.

It’s always tempting to want to pile on the makeup and ask for extensive retouching on your photos. And yes, of course skin smoothing and all sorts of other things are possible with Photoshop.


You want to look like yourself when you turn up for a meeting. People need to be able to recognise you! There is going to be nothing more embarrassing than someone being visibly taken aback by your real-life person compared to the polished headshot version of you!

You can absolutely connect with your ideal client by just being yourself and your headshot is the ideal way to do that. This is the beginning of the know, like, trust factor that helps someone to see who you are.

st albans small business photographer shoot

Why this type of headshot session might be perfect for you

  • You want a relaxed and fun (yes, really!) headshot session
  • You don’t want to spend hours faffing around with a photoshoot, nor do you want to have to sift through loads of photos to have to pick the best ones; you just want a start to finish service where someone takes care of everything for you
  • You want great images to put your best foot forward and stand out from the competition online
  • You appreciate the benefit of having more than one image as different images will serve you well in different situations

What is included in your headshot session?

  • A short, sweet and efficient 30-minute St Albans headshot session. This can take place at your home, place of work or a mutually convenient place, indoors or outdoors
  • One top change to give you variety in your photos
  • 5 digital images picked for you, fully edited and hi-resolution in a downloadable gallery. You don’t need to be adding picking through photos to your to do list, you’ve got far better things to be doing!

Is it time you consider updating your headshots? Take a look at more headshot photography in this gallery and you can see the benefit of great branding photos of new headshots for your business. Let’s do this!

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