December 19, 2015

Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer: Saira & Jerry

Saira & Jerry got married at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, London on a beautifully clear winter’s day. This was my final wedding of 2015 and what a lovely way to finish off an amazing year. I love working as a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer. This is my second time working over here, this time in a different part of the building and it really is such a lovely spot, surrounded by the beauty of Richmond Park.

Saira got ready down the road at a local hotel and I was wowed when she was ready; she looked so beautiful. A slight 20s inspired hairstyle and dress suited her so beautifully and her makeup was incredible too. Meeting Jerry at Pembroke Lodge he was looking a suitable match for such a stunning bride in his top hat and tails.

Saira & Jerry opted to see each other before the ceremony; he greeted her from the vintage Rolls Royce. I rarely see people truly speechless but Jerry was overcome with emotion at seeing his bride-to-be. They chose to walk down the aisle together, which I loved, as sadly Saira’s Dad wasn’t at the wedding.

The ceremony was full of laughter and emotion in equal measures and you really got a sense of how supportive all their friends and family are. After some drinks we nipped outside to take a few photos and some family shots. It may have been sunny but it wasn’t that warm and even Saira’s beautiful shrug couldn’t battle the plummeting winter temperatures! Heading back in to a beautifully decorated wedding breakfast room I joined them again for four fantastic speeches. Saira’s sister, the groom, the bride and the best man all did a great job; touching, funny and sentimental – perfect!

My favourite surprise came with Jerry taking up a guitar after the first dance and joining the band to serenade his new wife. He sang Paul Wellar’s ‘You Do Something to Me’ and wow, he was amazing! I’d never have the courage to get up in front of 80 people and sing (and I doubt anyone would want me to either!). What a corking surprise!

I left Saira, Jerry and their friends partying the night away, but it really was a stunning day.

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