St Albans wedding photography

What to expect from your wedding photos

Maidens Barn winter wedding photography
Maidens Barn winter wedding photography

Getting ready for your wedding

Well that’s the big bit done – you’re engaged, huge congratulations!

Now, you might start reading wedding magazines and listening to them with the 8,691 things you absolutely “must” have at your wedding for it to be a perfect day. But remember, the thing that makes it perfect, is two people that love each other celebrating that love with each other (and their loved ones!)

As you navigate table plans, favours and all the rest of it… leave your photos to me! I’ve got you covered including group list recommendations, timelines and all the advice you could possibly need. You’re in good hands 🙂

We’ll natter over zoom to get to know each other and we can have an engagement shoot if you want one. But rest assured this will be one area of your wedding that will cause you ZERO stress!


They are unbelievable, just stunning. We are so delighted with them, thank you sooooo much!

I can’t stop looking at them!

Charlotte & Liam, Cotswolds

Missenden Abbey wedding photography
Missenden Abbey wedding photography

On your wedding day

I’ll be there throughout your day to capture all the moments big and small. Every little flutter of anticipation, giggle with your attendants, all those little details you’ve spent months working on and of course the big elements of your day like, you know, the actual wedding, will be caught on camera!

I’ll get you a brilliant combination of gorgeous couple photos, candid shots of your day and guests, group photos, and all the details to cover your day from start to finish.

Tori was a calm and reassuring presence from the moment I met her at the wedding fair. I instantly found her very easy to be around and felt that she would compliment the day we were planning perfectly. Tori’s presence on the day was very subtle yet when we looked back over the photos we are stunned at how much of the day she managed to capture so beautifully.

Charlotte & Ben, Greenwich Yacht Club

Great Fosters wedding photographer
Great Fosters wedding photographer

After your wedding day

So what happens next? Well, maybe you head off and enjoy a honeymoon or take some time to enjoy newlywed bliss and I get to work!

I’ll edit all the best of the photos for you (nobody wants to seem themselves with their eyes half shut after all!) and have them ready for you within 6 weeks of your big day.

Don’t worry though, I won’t keep you waiting that long, I’ll have a little sneak peek with you super quickly after your day to tide you over 🙂

Tori did a great job photographing our very special day. Initially I was wary of being photographed but Tori made me feel so comfortable and was very discreet. She managed to capture all the fun we had and she took great care to ensure she got all the details of the day. She was a pleasure to get to know and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Bryony & Chris, Loseley Park

Ash Barton spring wedding photographer
Ash Barton spring wedding photographer

Displaying your photos

This is the best bit! I love being able to help you with beautiful wedding albums and parent copies so that you have an heirloom product to both keep your photos save and to enjoy looking back on for years to come.

My husband and I still sit and look at our wedding album every year and now enjoy showing it to our son. I’m sure it won’t be long until he’s mocking the early 2000s fashion however!

Tori’s attention to detail and organised approach made it all very easy and whilst she managed to capture some very special moments, she was unobtrusive and discreet. No one felt uncomfortable and our pictures reflect that as there are a lot of people smiling and laughing!
Saira & Jerry, Pembroke Lodge

Let’s chat about your big day!

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