January 12, 2016

St Albans pre-wedding shoot: Carl & Charlene

Carl & Charlene brave the freezing temperatures for their St Albans engagement shoot ahead of their Missenden Abbey wedding.

Wow, Carl and Charlene were real troopers on their St Albans engagement shoot. Carl lives in the US and was only home briefly over Christmas so we had a limited window to get together and take some photos. Well, the Sunday morning we picked was the day the temperatures decided to plummet (of course!) They strolled around St Albans while the temperatures dropped below zero. Not only that, they wanted to go coat free for most photos. Suffice to say I stayed well zipped up in mine as it was absolutely baltic out there!

That being said, hearing Carl and Charlene giggling to each other and repeating “think warm thoughts” was super cute 😉

As Carl lives in the States working as an actor I hadn’t actually had chance to meet him until the shoot. I met Charlene at Nathan’s wedding to Cherita last summer.

Carl and Charlene have known each other through their church since they were children, but recently reconnected as a couple. They are having their wedding reception at the beautiful Missenden Abbey this summer, after a church service. Having heard a little bit about the theme and styling for the day I’m so excited that I get to be part of it all!

After the wedding Charlene is moving out to Philadelphia in the States to live with Carl so it’s all exciting times for them!

Check back in in the summer to see what I know will be a spectacular day. Until then enjoy some very cold, wintry photos from their St Albans pre-wedding shoot.

If you’re looking to have some couple photos taken and live in St Albans, get in touch here, I’d love to chat to you!

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