April 28, 2016

Ash Barton Estate wedding photographer: Stacey & Paul

I know I always start off like this but I really don’t know how to express how much I enjoyed Stacey & Paul’s wedding at the Ash Barton Estate in Devon.  I hadn’t had the pleasure of working as an Ash Barton Estate wedding photographer before but I knew Stacey & Paul from Sam & Les’ wedding as Stacey is Les’ sister.

Driving down to Devon on the Friday it was bright sunshine and hail and everything in-between so I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forward to a farm style wedding in wet weather.  I don’t know who Stacey & Paul bribed but Saturday was a glorious day. Bright blue skies all day and really Britain in spring time at its best.  Then wouldn’t you know it, it poured all day Sunday too!

The day started in the main house of the estate where the boys and girls got ready separately.  Both sides were equally chilled out and enjoying hanging out with their buddies.  Stacey was easily the most organised bride ever as she was ready almost two hours before the ceremony and just chomping at the bit to go and see Paul!  One funny moment came when Paul was milling about chatting to people not realising he should be at the top of the aisle waiting for his bride-to-be, only to find out his watch had stopped earlier in the morning!

The wonderful thing about the Ash Barton Estate is that it’s basically a blank canvas for the couple to do with as they please.  So Stacey & Paul got married in the deconsecrated chapel on site which was just the most beautiful location for a ceremony.  And they really made it their own with two readings, a song and a guitar piece.  The registrar couldn’t quite get to grips with the pronunciation of Stacey’s middle name (or surname actually) which had most of the guests giggling away as he got more and more flustered each time he had to say it!

After the ceremony and drinks in the garden of the house, the wedding party made their way into the old barn for dinner.  It was so beautifully decorated with purple uplighting, strings of fairy lights, lanterns and lots of other little personal touches. I love brightly coloured backdrops to photograph against, always makes things so much more fun!  Between laughter at the cake cutting (of the vegan cake by Pip & Little Blue), laughter during three really great speeches by Les, Paul and the best man it was a fun filled evening.  Then boy, did the party ever get started! I’ve never seen so many people hit the dance floor with such enthusiasm and gusto so early in the evening thanks to The Neotones!  It was such a chaotic dance floor and had such a great vibe about it all evening.  Check out the photos for some of the hilarious dance moves 🙂  At this point Stacey changed out of her wedding dress into a gorgeous black and white dress to let the partying start – she looked equally gorgeous in both.  At midnight they all went back into the deconsecrated chapel to party with a DJ but I admit I left them to it!

Have a wonderful time in Japan Stacey & Paul!  If you’re considering a Devon wedding or an Ash Barton Estate wedding photographer I’d really love to chat to you so please get in touch… If you want to see some more wedding photos then check those out in the wedding gallery.

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