February 5, 2024

A colourful, relaxed, same-sex wedding at South Farm

“We’re not having a photographer”

Those were the first words Jackie & Jane uttered to me when I said hi at a wedding fair. And I answered that that’s totally fine but asked about their wedding anyway (of course!). We had a lovely chat where I heard about their beautiful sounding day. We got on great, because they are both lovely, amazing people. And then they wandered off hand in hand to chat to other people at the show never to be heard from again.

That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

So…. you could have knocked me down with a feather then when a day later they asked for a call with me and subsequently booked me for their wedding saying that they hadn’t realised wedding photography could be quite so chilled out and natural.

Jane had to be gently encouraged into an engagement shoot (which was not called that at any point!!) because she wanted zero posing. But isn’t that the point of an engagement shoot; to get those jitters out the way and decide what is acceptable to you as a couple?

On the shoot they told me about their relationship and how Jane had been ready for the next step for a while and communicated that to Jackie and said when you’re ready, you do the proposing. So one day at Park Run Jackie had a big ‘marry me’ sign and a Haribo ready at the end. Jane was so involved in a PB effort she ran straight past her! But it all worked out, an engagement took place and their South Farm wedding went ahead.

Their day was explained to me as no formality or fuss. No getting ready photos, no nonsense. 

The ceremony had been carefully crafted as a unique and beautiful event between two people deeply in love that bared their souls and personalities to each other. Sometimes poignant and heartfelt, sometimes full of laughter it had poetry and words but it also had gin mixing from their garden and from Jane’s native Ireland. Their guests all did ring warming so everyone was deeply invested in their future happiness.

Their garden drinks were like a group of old friends reunited even when it was people meeting for the first time. Lee Smith Magic and Lawrence Hill Music provided entertainment and combined with the family-made garden games the laughter of guests was ringing out.

Jackie and Jane didn’t want formal speeches or a formal cake (so cut a stack of biscuits for guests to enjoy with a cuppa!) so after dinner got the party started with a fabulously choreographed dance – their one nod to wedding tradition and then danced the night away.

This was a wedding to remember! You’ll see their incredible sense of humours through the photos and how happy this wedding truly was.

If you’re thinking of a South Farm wedding, please have a look at my natural, happy wedding photography and let’s chat.

Laughing bride and groom walk in front of Rothamsted Manor in Hertfordshire

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