March 1, 2024

An outdoor wedding at St Michael’s Manor

Lucy voiced to me that it was the most important thing in their wedding plan that she wanted to get married outside.

Over the months when we chatted I would mention options like “well if your wedding happens inside then…” and Lucy would say “no, I can’t get married inside!” 

I started to get a bit concerned as the day drew closer that it was going to pour with rain and the whole day would feel ruined in Lucy’s eyes because we all know what the English weather can be like!

I’m guessing Lucy & Dan must have been doing weather dances behind the scenes because it was the most ludicrously hot day of the whole year of the year!

As guests waited in the sun they were gently melting, waiting in the shade of their order of services. Dan and his groomsmen were sweltering in their three-piece suits (but looking very smart while they did).

Lucy floated down the aisle on the arms of her two brothers behind her glowing bridesmaids. The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt and capped off with the bestmen setting off huge confetti cannons which resulted in some awesome photos.

Their day was beautifully styled, no doubt, but above and beyond that the emotions in the room (both the laughter and the tears) are what made this day a stand out one to photograph. 

The speeches were hilariously funny (including when Dan accidentally fumbled a word about Lucy which I won’t repeat here, to raucous laughter from the crowd!) and the bestmen did a great job ribbing Dan.

And the dancefloor was also great fun, if not a bit of a sweaty mess by the end of the evening.

What a day, what a couple!

St Michael’s Manor is always a great venue to work at and I love being a preferred supplier here.

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Bride and groom laugh while sitting on fallen tree trunk

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