December 19, 2023

A short and sweet wedding at St Michael’s Manor

Sarah & Ollie rejigged their big wedding they’d scheduled for the same date after losing a special family member and decided just to have their very close family and a few friends celebrate with them. And it really felt like a special day where only those that meant the most were at the St Albans Registry Office and then moved to St Michael’s Manor with them.

However… it was almost the wedding that didn’t go ahead! Ollie’s friends (including his best man) managed to get on the wrong train out of London and they were so keen to have them there they were waiting on them… it was getting to the last possible minute that the wedding could legally take place when the London gang came running up to the Registry Office puffing away!

When it did go ahead and it was sweet and beautiful. My favourite moment came when Sarah seemed to realise that she was actually married; she looked down at her hand with a wedding ring on it and did a little intake of breath and seemed taken aback. It was adorable!

Moving on to St Michael’s Manor the weather was warm and lovely so Sarah, Ollie and I took a stroll round the lake together and took some photos and the guests enjoyed the beautiful St Michael’s Manor patio and lawns.

Things that I loved that I found out when we were strolling round was that Sarah rented her wedding dress for the day as she wanted to be more environmentally conscious – I just adore this idea! Ollie is a model and turns out he’s worked in Japan so we had a good chat about that as I’d worked out in Tokyo before. They are just such a lovely couple to be around and clearly adore each other.

Because it was a small gathering, they used the lovely Cedar Suite (which can host up to 30 guests) and it looked gorgeous set up for their wedding breakfast. 

If you want to chat St Michael’s Manor wedding photography, it’s a venue I know well and am recommended supplier there, so I’d be delighted to have a no obligation natter about whether my style of happy, relaxed photography could be right for you.

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