September 11, 2021

St Albans elopement: Jacqui & Rob

Jacqui and Rob asked me to take some photos of their St Albans elopement recently and I was so thrilled to be part of their love story. As with so many couples, they’ve had a funny old time of it with the state of the world.

Jacqui is American and met Rob while he was Stateside learning to fly. They fell in love and were meant to start their lives together just as everything ground to a halt and they could no longer fly back and forward to be together.

Finally, the world has started moving again and they decided to get married.

Not to do things traditionally, Jacqui and Rob didn’t want to marry while both of their families couldn’t be with them, so they found an officiant in Utah who could marry them online and were eloping just the two of them (to a mountain top in Wales!). Before that I took some photos to mark the occasion in Rob’s home town of St Albans.

We started at the St Albans Register Office and then moved to Sopwell Nunnery and they picked a stunning day for it with a beautiful sunset.

But, I hate having my photo taken

Jacqui kept quiet until AFTER she’d confirmed their photos that she hates having her photos taken and has never liked a photo of herself and doesn’t keep her eyes open for photos. And oh, by the way, Rob doesn’t stand up straight in photos…

When you get emails like this your heart sort of sinks a little, I’m not going to lie!

So, to get this feedback about 10 minutes after sending the photos made me so happy! “Toooriiii- we love them. Really, they are gorgeous- I love them even more every time I look” and I know they’ll soon be hanging on their new American home’s walls loud and proud!

If you also hate having your photo taken, let me see how painless I can make the experience for you!

If you’re looking for a St Albans wedding photographer, whether it’s a big party, micro wedding or elopement or would like to chat about St Albans wedding photography in general then take a look at that link for more photos and all the information and then definitely get in touch – I can’t wait to hear all about your big day!

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