March 16, 2022

Five reasons I may not be the right photographer for you

At last count I think there were about 862,471 wedding photographers in the UK alone. You probably live next door to one of us, we’re sneaky like that, we get everywhere…

You’ve also probably already read most of our websites. Obviously you only need one for your day so how on earth do you start figuring out who is, and isn’t a good fit for your wedding day?!

I remember at a school careers day being told that it was as important to figure out what you didn’t want to do as what you did. Sidenote: I was remember being told that I’d make a wonderful primary school teacher and almost fainted from shock as a 17 year old that had no interest in ever being around snotty children!

Instead of me telling you why I’m perfect for your big day, have a read of this. Here are some of the reasons I may not be the right wedding photographer for you…

Notley Abbey wedding dance floor photos

1. You’re all about the posed shots

If you’re currently making Pinterest boards of curated, posed couple photos then I am probably not the right person to capture your day. If you’re all about having the day captured in a natural, relaxed way and want you to look back on photos that remind you of how you felt on your wedding day, more than just how you looked then we could be a perfect pairing!

bride and groom wedding breakfast St Albans

Don’t worry, within your wedding day of course we’ll take some group shots because your parents love those mantlepiece shots and we’ll get some epic photos of the two of you together, but overall, my focus is on capturing how your day unfolds with minimal interference.

wedding group shots

I’m all about the love, the laughter, the tears, the hugs, the dodgy dance moves, that time you drop a jelly shot down yourself or the time your mate split his trousers doing the limbo. It’s all that natural, happy wedding photography and the little moments that make up your perfect day, rather than getting you to stand like some grinning cheshire cat for hours on end – snore.

To me, these are the photos that’ll stand the test of time and mean the most.

wedding portfolio, wedding favourites, best wedding photos

2. Your MAIN concern is the price

Everyone has a budget when it comes to their wedding and yes that’s important, but I think you need to be looking for photos that get you right in the feels. It’s more than a budget thing.

Yes, you need to know what your investment will be, but if you look at the photos to see if they elicit an emotional response before looking at the pricing tab then you’re my kind of peeps!

There will be a lot of photographers in a budget you’re willing to spend, but there will only be some that take photos that make you think “it has to be them” or when you speak to them “this is a buddy in the making”. These are the relationships that are meant to be!

greek wedding first dance st albans

3. You think that weddings are about the details

Are you currently knee deep in wedding magazines planning favours, flowers and themes? Is that what you’re obsessing over when it comes to thinking about your wedding? I love a pretty wedding too but you lose me at the different between rose and blush pink.  

Or is it excited anticipation about marrying your best friend and planning an awesome party for your nearest and dearest? Are you thinking about playlists for the dance floor to make sure you have the most epic party ever?

If it’s the latter then get in touch, we’ve gotta chat! 

Gaynes Park wedding photographer, Essex wedding photographer, winter wedding

Weddings are all about love, commitment to your person and celebrating both of those things in front of your people.

Of course I photograph details too! I know you’ve put time and money into making your day beautiful, but if you want hundreds of photos of details at the expense of photos of your guests enjoying themselves and hugging you tight then you’ll find me crying in a corner somewhere.

wedding details flowers cake rings dresses

4. You want someone who is seen and not heard

I really pride myself on being a mate with a camera rather than the hired help. I get to know you both before the day (usually on an engagement shoot) which means I turn up as a friend on the day. This helps you be more at ease with me and in turn feel more comfortable for me to get better photos on the day.

I’m also super friendly to your guests, kids, dogs that happen to be at the wedding and fellow suppliers.

I’ve embarassingly been caught having a dance with a bride’s Grandad who just wouldn’t take no for an answer, I’ve help a bride write a thank you card to a mother-in-law, I’ve even stitched a button onto a groom’s shirt (not impressed that he couldn’t sew a button btw!!). I have my camera up most of the day, but I’m there to be a friend as well.

If you’d prefer someone that will be seen and never heard and aren’t in the market for a new friend (with a camera) that’s not really me. If you fancy making a new friend and having someone who will be in the thick of the action to capture all the best photos close up on the day, I’m your girl!

5. You expect your photos the next day

Your wedding images will take about six weeks for me to edit and deliver to you. It’s super important to me that your photos are perfect before you see them and that takes time. I know that some photographers can promise a quicker turnaround that I do but I deliver quality not speed.

The old adage is never truer… good things come to those who wait!

If you believe that your wedding photos, which will become your lasting memory of the day, deserve someone who will take due care and attention with them to deliver the best photos possible, then that’s me. If you want them within a day or two then, yep, I’m not that person.

Am I the right wedding photographer for you?

There you have it, some of the reasons I may not be the right photographer for your wedding day. But of course, if these sound like the reason that I may actually be the perfect photographer for you then I’d love to chat to you.

Of course, there are all the intangible things that you can’t put in this list too, for example how well we mesh when we have a chat.

Getting on with your wedding photographer really can’t be underestimated; they are around you all day long and you need to like and trust them. If you don’t like them on the initial call then run for the hills 😂

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As you plan your wedding, I very much hope I can be there to capture ever laugh, tear and hug for you. My style of happy, relaxed Hertfordshire wedding photography is the perfect accompaniment to every wedding day so have a good look through the gallery and let’s chat about your wedding plans. I can’t wait to hear from you! I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, enjoy your wedding planning!

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