May 20, 2024

A story of kismet at St Michael’s Manor

Sometimes you just get this weird feeling like things are meant to be. Lucy & Simon are one of these couples. One of Simon’s friend’s told Simon he knew a girl that he thought would be perfect for him and he’d introduce them. The friend totally forgot and life moves on. Five full years later Lucy & Simon happened to meet in a bar randomly and the rest is their beautiful history.

They share a love of snorty little pugs, campervans and hiking; a match made in heaven.

And their wedding day was such a reflection of them and had so much effort put into the little details that it was so beautiful to witness.

Lucy’s Mum made the cake and the groomsmen cut down a tree specifically to make a cake board for it. Simon’s mum hand painted all of the name cards and table signs individually which were incredible. 

But more than the frosting on the day it was the substance that made this day what it was. There was a lot of emotion bubbling around. Simon, bless him, was so emotional saying his vows and giving his speech, talking about his love for Lucy. I absolutely love it when people lean into the momentous occasion. It was really something to behold.

Take a look through these photos and drink in the wonderful emotions of this beautiful day.

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Bride and groom laugh in front of weeping willow

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