June 7, 2024

An intimate registry ceremony and stroll in Verulamium park

Like most of the couples that have short registry office wedding, I hadn’t actually met up with Iza & Edu before their ceremony, but these are two of the friendliest people you’d have the pleasure to meet. 

They arrived to a flurry of hugs from excited friends and family, Iza looking radiant in her jumpsuit and blue shoes (love something a little unique!). 

Iza & Edu are having a bigger wedding celebration back in Romania later in the year so this was their formal wedding ceremony but they definitely took it seriously and felt the full gravity of the situation. Both Iza and Edu seemed overcome with the emotion of it all at one point, despite having promised each other they wouldn’t cry!

After a few tears (from most of the assembled guests!) during the ceremony and some family photos in front of the famous black ‘Porridge’ doors, Iza, Edu and I headed down to Verulamium Park for some couple photos and then walked up to town where they had some champagne and canapes. The venue has amazing private hire rooms if you’re looking for party or small wedding space – I had no idea.

This is a couple who met at uni and have been together ever since. They’ve been on a long adventure together having moved to the UK nearly a decade ago and then moved again to St Albans when the pandemic struck and they wanted access to more outside space. I know that the future will hold many more exciting adventures for them and they’ll be filled with as many smiles as their wedding day was.

If you’re having an intimate wedding at the Registry Office or any other Hertfordshire wedding venue and you’d like to see if my style of happy, relaxed photography might fit into your wedding day, let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good fit!

Bride and groom laugh in front of weeping willow

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