June 25, 2024

St Albans engagement shoot at Batchwood

Do you think that fate ever plays a role in things?

On Hannah and Elliot’s engagement shoot, Elliot was telling me he bought Hannah’s engagement ring in a shop in Birmingham (they live in London). Later, on telling Hannah’s Dad about this they figured out that it was the EXACT same shop that Hannah’s Dad had bought Hannah’s Mum’s ring in 30 odd years ago.

Is that utterly crazy or what?

These two were amazing; not just because they are gorgeous and so fun to hang out with but also because it was ankle deep mud everywhere having met up in autumn after a lot of heavy rain. I was worried about it all but they were just like “let’s do it!” 

We went home with fab photos and 6 TRASHED shoes, oops!

These photos were taken down a fairly straight road at near the old Club Batchwood in St Albans. We wandered with no real feeling about what we’d find or preconceived notion about what photos we’d make. I always tell couples that it’s all about getting them comfortable in front of the camera more than the outcome of actual session. But we found some cool places to take photos along the road. My favourites are the ones through the leaves (even though I permanently ruined my jeans in the process!)

What do you think, would you benefit from an engagement shoot before your wedding day? You can read all about why I recommend engagement shoots to my couples.

If you’d like to see more about how I document your entire wedding day in my happy, relaxed wedding photography style then you can click through on that link to learn about the whole process from start to finish. I’d love to have a chat to see if we might be a good fit for each other! 

Confetti toss outside St Albans Register Office with bride holding dried flower bouquet

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