Cambridge engagement shoot: Melissa & Chris

Melissa & Chris are getting married in September at the beautiful Clare College, Cambridge where Chris’ father used to be dean.  They are following this with a relaxed party at Melissa’s parents home.  The elements of this wedding sound amazing and I cannot wait.  The colleges around Cambridge are so beautiful and opulent so they always make for great pictures.  And looking out over the Cambridge backs is never a bad view to enjoy while being at a wedding!

To tide us over until then, I met Melissa & Chris in their home town for their Cambridge engagement shoot.  We wandered around a pretty little meadow on the bank of the river Cam enjoying the (rather sporadic sunshine) and avoiding all the dogs!  Melissa & Chris also enjoyed a cheeky glass of vino in their newly improved back garden.  It was a Friday, why not I say!

Having seen Melissa & Chris’ home, I know they have impeccable taste and I know their wedding will be exactly the same.  Don’t forget to check back in in autumn to see their big day, but in the meantime, enjoy their pre-wedding shoot photos.

Now their gorgeous Clare College wedding has taken place I’m delighted to update this post so you can see the photos!

If you’re getting married soon in Cambridge and are looking for a Cambridge engagement shoot or wedding photographer, then please do, get in touch.