April 22, 2021

How to choose the perfect family photographer for you

Getting professional family photos taken is a great thing for your family, but you don’t want to spend money on the wrong person or end up with results that disappoint. With so many family photographers out there, how do you choose the perfect photographer for your family and end up with photos that delight?

laughing brothers in the autumn woods

Find a photographer in the style you want

Lots of photographers throw around words to describe their photography style like documentary, lifestyle, portrait photography, fine art and I appreciate that that can be confusing straight out of the gate. If you have no clue what style of photography you want then you probably don’t want to wade through learning what all of those things mean!

I would highly recommend starting by looking at the websites of photographers and seeing how you feel when you look at the photos they’ve taken. Do you get the warm and fuzzies when looking at those photos? Can you imagine your family in similar photos and those photos hanging loud and proud on your walls? Do you love the style of editing?

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If you really have your heart set on relaxed images at your home then a studio photographers who take a beautifully posed family portrait aren’t going to be a good match for you. Similarly, if you love white background work then a photographer who doesn’t have a studio is only going to disappoint with their final family pictures. What do you have in mind?

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Do your research

Isn’t the internet a great thing?! We’ve now got access to a myriad of information at our fingertips, including full portfolios, locations and all manner of other information.

Now you can get a really good feel for the person and how a photoshoot with them might be before you even reach out… 

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Check out their website & snoop on socials!

Have a good look through their work to check their skills (obviously!), but then also read their about me page. Does it resonate with you?

If they sound like someone you’d love to hang out with then that bodes well for you having a fun and relaxed photo session. I become friends with people I photograph because we’re the same kinds of folk. And I love that. You can usually get a good feel for who someone is through how they write…

Are they active on social media and up to date on their blog? Photographers that are invested in their business are usually on top of these things and keeping in touch with people. In my experience, caring about these elements of business translates to caring about YOU!

Dad and son, Hertfordshire family photographer, st albans family photographer

Read some reviews on Google

Next, check out some reviews on Google or their testimonial section on their website and see what other people think of their experience working with them. You’ll get a good feel for their personality and skills through that (remember Google reviews can’t be faked!)

Don’t just worry about the stars, think like a potential client and read what previous clients thought about working together or their images. Is this the quality of that experience that you want for your family? If they are all 5 star reviews but the polar opposite of what you envisage for yourself, it still may not be the right fit for you.

aeroplane with daddy, autumn in the park

Reach out to the photographer you’re considering

Send an enquiry and see what happens. If they come back to you quickly and enthusiastically, they’re probably excited to meet you too!

Just a note from my side of the fence… it’s so wonderful when I get an initial email that tells me a little bit about your family or what you want from your photos or anything more that “hi, pricing please”. Your energy is infectious when you’re excited about photos even if you don’t go on to work with me!

The professional photographer you reached out to should be happy to answer any questions you have as the client about the process of working together, shoot location, clothes, packages, the service you can expect and anything else you would like to know.

son getting big kisses from mum in sunshine during family photoshoot

Go ahead and book!

If you’re happy up to this point, then you’re making a great decision to invest in having your family documented! 

And it is such an important investment. These moments of your family life and children’s younger years are fleeting and wonderful. So, make sure you pick someone that can do them justice. 

If you’re after family portrait session with a combo of some semi-posed family portraits and the little candid moments in between then I think we’ll be a great fit. I’d love to be the person that can create these beautiful photos your family and would be delighted to meet you on a family photo session. If you agree we’d be a good fit after you’ve had a look around my website, then drop me a line!

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