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What to expect from your family photo shoot

st albans family shoot in autumn
st albans family shoot in autumn

What it’s like to have me as your photographer

It may come as no surprise that I’m a visual person rather than a woman of words! As such I had a video made so you could really see how it is to work with me and why I absolutely LOVE what I do, and why I think you having photos of your family has such immense and intrinsic value (past just having some pretty pictures of your kids). I’d love you to take a watch (it’s only 2:44 minutes long!)

Tori has a lovely way with children in that she is just there taking pictures without them knowing. My youngest daughter is very shy and hates having her picture taken but thanks to Tori, we have gorgeous pictures of both girls. We can’t thank you enough!

Emma, St Albans

St albans autumn family photoshoot
St albans autumn family photoshoot

Getting ready for your shoot

You’ve done the hard bit by actually booking a shoot, hooray!

Before the session, I’ll send you all the info you need to make your photo session unique to you (believe me we’re going to have a lot of fun)! Plus we’ll have a natter on the phone or via zoom so that I can get to know your family and what you dream of from your photos.

When we chat I can also show you some examples of display options to give you ideas about how you might like to display your photos. If you know in advance, it sometimes helps me tailor your photos to the products you have your heart set on. But if not, no worries, all these things can be decided later…

I had been a bit worried that having photos taken in public would be embarrassing, but after five minutes it just felt like a normal day at the park, which resulted in some beautiful shots. She has a fantastic way with children, and was very patient and playful with my uncooperative toddler and sleepy baby!

Lauren, St Albans

St Albans family photographer
St Albans family photographer

During the photo shoot

I know this probably feels hard to believe, but this is the fun bit! I pride myself on being able to help everyone relax. It really is just like having fun with a new friend – promise! No cheesy fake smiles in sight!

It’s a combination of gentle direction to get you into the best light and sometimes some light poses and then letting your family interact as they always do to give you natural, beautiful photos that you can’t wait to hang on the wall.

We couldn’t have had a better experience with Tori. She was so professional and responsive during the planning of the shoot. And the actual shoot, which I was kind of nervous about because I’m not fond of photos, was such a blast!! She is amazing with children. She formed a bond with mine early on in the shoot and then was able to capture us during a great day out. It was so easy and fun!

Daniella, St Albans

St albans autumn family photoshoot
St albans autumn family photoshoot

After your family photo shoot

So what happens next? Well, you sit back and relax and I get to work!

I edit all the photos from the photo shoot which involves selecting the very best of the photos and digitally retouching them. Within two weeks you’ll see your photo gallery and can decide what products you would like to order from your session and start sharing your wonderful photos with friends and family.

Tori is very relaxed and friendly, and gets the job done without you even realising she is doing it, she is more like a friend along for the outing than someone there to photograph it.

The frames from the shoot were wonderful Christmas presents for grandparents, and everything arrived quickly, and beautifully packaged. Thank you!

Andy & Kat, London

St Albans family photography shoot in summer
summer family photo shoot in st albans

Displaying your photos

This is the best bit! You get to decide how you want to show off your photos for the world to see. I love being able to advise you on the best way to display your favourites and show you examples of how your photos will look. Maybe you’ll opt for having your favourites from the shoot framed for the wall or having a beautiful album made up?

Tori’s photos leap off the page, because she’s a wizard with a lens and because she lets everyone be themselves in front of the camera. Our last shoot was in the bluebells near Wheathampstead and the photos are magical.
If you want to treasure your photos, the albums are a must; Tori’s album is the first thing I would save from a fire!
Zoe & Aidan, Harpenden

Let’s chat about a photoshoot!

Not quite ready? Want a £100 family photo shoot product credit voucher to use later?

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Not quite ready? Want a £100 family photo shoot product credit voucher to use later?