January 12, 2021

Why you don’t have to worry about kids misbehaving during your family photoshoot

I know that you’ve made an investment in your family photos and so you want everything to feel perfect. You want to write a love letter to your children for the future and you want to be able to walk back into your memories. You just want amazing, beautiful photos that you can look back on and remember how perfect this point in your life was.

It’s just…

Your adorable little monsters are super spirited and high-energy and one of them is teething. The toddler is right in the middle of the ‘NO!’ phase. The pre-schooler never sits still and rarely cooperates. The 7-year-old hits the little one if she doesn’t get her own way.

All you want is for your photos to look like a slice of your life from when things are calm, happy and perfect… is that too much to ask?!

Not at all. Here’s how a shoot with me will be stress-free, chilled out and get you the photos that you dream of…

If you prefer to watch then here’s a video. If you prefer to read then scroll down!

1. Child whispering is what I’m here for

I know that children can be challenging (my own pushes my buttons daily!). Even though I say it myself, I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t like me. Between us, we will get your kids cooperating with the camera in a fun and relaxed way. I’ve yet to meet a kid that hasn’t played ball with me so if you think your child is the one then bring it on!

grumpy kids, real is beautiful, photo sessions at home
Best wedding photographs, best family photographs

Your babies will shine when they are happy in front of the camera. If that means spending a bit more time playing and having fun before a camera even appears out of a bag so they get used to me, then that is time wisely invested. Years of experience have taught me when a child is ready for the camera to make an appearance. Some children are happy immediately, others are wary for a bit longer.

grumpy kid, sad face, Harpenden family photographer
family photo session, Harpenden family photographer

Similarly, throughout the shoot I can anticipate when your child needs me to back off for a moment and give them a rest. Most smaller children have moments of misbehaving when strangers are around, especially with a camera in the room, and that’s perfectly normal. You’ll see from the photos that they are all won round!

Your child is unique and will be treated as such.

St Albans family photography in lavender
St Albans lavender family photographer

Wow, we are absolutely delighted with the wonderful photos that you took for us, especially considering how demanding our two-year-old was that day!

kids fighting on sofa and getting upset

2. Real is more interesting

Life isn’t perfect. That’s the bottom line of it.

If your child has a total meltdown then roll with it (impossible though it feels!). The more upset you get, the more they feed off it and everything escalates.

kids fighting on sofa and getting upset

In five years, you’ll probably look back on these photos and laugh. Or maybe, and I’m not here yet either, fondly remember the days when the wrong pair of socks caused level 5 upset. When your kids no longer scrap and bicker and are the best of buddies, you may cherish the photos of them sofa wrestling and crying at the restults!

She has a special talent for engaging children in what she’s doing – even letting them photograph with her camera! Tori will capture those special looks and silly things you do (even the kids stropping), which makes the photos she produces so real and authentic.

– Wendy

3. Kids have space to be themselves during a shoot with me

In the world of Pinterest and photo galleries it can be tempting to try and curate your family photos into something you wish your family was. Here is the best remind I can give you:

Your family is perfect just by being yourselves.

You don’t need to buy new outfits or behave a certain way. Your photos will shine if they capture the real relationships and meaningful moments between you. For me, a hug between Mum and son, the way a Dad’s eyes crinkle when he looks at his little girl, a family having fun in the park or you all enjoying time together at home are so much more special than sitting on a bench in carefully coordinated clothing.

mum and son having a leaf fight during family photo shoot in St Albans

If your daughter is a total tearaway and likes nothing better than to climb trees, search for Stick Man and bug hunt then embrace it. I’ll chase her and capture her free spirit while playing in her favourite way.

If your son is happiest curled up with a good book or doing puzzles with you, then I will photograph that closeness between you.

There is no need to be anyone you aren’t – the photos will be amazing either way.

My youngest daughter is very shy and hates having her picture taken but thanks to Tori, we have gorgeous pictures of both girls.

– Emma

If you still have questions, a lot of them may be answered on my FAQ page. Or, if this sounds good, let’s start planning your family shoot today!

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