June 26, 2024

St Pancras and Coal Drop Yard engagement shoot

“We’re feeling very nervous”

Both Abi & Will were beyond nervous when they turned up for their engagement shoot a few weeks back before their Greenwich wedding this summer. 

They are exactly the kind of couple that I feel should have a pre-wedding shoot. Ones that are feeling super jittery and uncomfortable about stepping in front of my camera, not sure what to expect. Everything about them screamed that they weren’t looking forward to the experience at all 😬

Some couples aren’t like this and couldn’t be less phased by the prospect of taking photos and that’s great – each to their own.

We took it slowly and wandered round Coal Drop Yard and Granary Square (an awesome area around Kings Cross and St Pancras – go and check it out if you’ve not been there, I love it round there!). We found some cool backdrops while we chatted about the wedding and got to know each other better.

Turns out they are absolute naturals. So funny, so sweet together and take incredible photos! Wouldn’t you agree?

And at the end they both said they felt “100 times better” about going into the wedding knowing how it would be. Absolute result! 

THIS is why I offer people photos before the day if they need it.

I never ask people to pose too much. Most of these photos are the results of prompts or silly little games I play with couples. I think it’s much easy to get relaxed when you’re doing something to take your mind off having your photo taken rather than staring at a camera saying ‘cheese’. 

If you’re also not feeling super confident about your wedding photos and are hoping for a largely documentary approach to your day but coupled with some happy, natural wedding photos of the two of you together, then I can definitely help you with that. Why don’t we have a chat and see if we’d be a good fit for each other?

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