June 1, 2022

5 reasons summer weddings are the best

When you start planning your wedding one of the first things you’ll end up doing is picking a wedding date. If you don’t have a fixed date in mind then the season you want to get married in may well be your biggest consideration for your big day. So why are summer weddings still so popular in the UK?

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1. You get great weather… maybe!

Let’s be honest, it’s the UK so yes you might do. You’re also equally as likely to get a beautiful spring or autumn day and end up with a rainy day over the August bank holiday but we all still gamble on great summer weather. And we do love to chat weather in this country, don’t we?! 

And really, there is nothing nicer than a beautiful summer day in this country…

The dream day during nice weather is an outdoor summer wedding ceremony surrounded by happy guests bathed in sunshine.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the outdoor space your venue has for drinks after your ceremony.

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2. Summer wedding flower choices

If you’re having flowers as decorations then in summer, there are more flowers grown and cut in the UK to keep your carbon footprint down by not importing flowers from overseas. All the traditional flowers are in season like roses, sweet peas, lavender, peonies and so many more. 

collage of summer themed wedding flower arrangements.

3. Food choices at summer weddings

There are some fabulous food options during the summer months. While I’d also recommend eating locally and sustainably and picking foods in season (wedding or not), you can also chose meals like BBQ or hog roast as more casual dining options for your day when the weather is good.

Similarly, you can opt for treats like an ice cream van to keep guests happy and cool in the sun like this vintage bicycle ice cream cart that Magda and Ian hired… Yum!

Vintage ice cream bicycle cart at a wedding in front of sunset sky

4. Outfit choices for your summer wedding

Although you might end up a bit hot in formal wear if it’s a really warm day you have the whole range of suits and dresses open to you in summer. You almost certainly won’t need to worry about boleros and coats to go outside… at worst, bring yourself a pretty brolley and wellies just in case! I’ve seen people marry in everything from shorts and casual shirts to three piece suits and light floaty wedding dresses to big, poofy lace numbers. The world is your oyster in summer…

5. Long days and hazy evenings

Most excitingly for photographers, the long days of summer mean you can usually head back outside after dinner and speeches and enjoy more drinks outside with your guests (or evening guests), more photos and more of your beautiful surroundings. Plus, if the weather cooperates you get beautiful golden hour light and can do some lovely sunset portraits in that lovely hazy evening light.

Hazy summer evening light with kissing bride and groom

If you’re planning a summer wedding then you can match your venue, colour palette, decorations, outfits and meal accordingly. It’s undoubtedly a fabulous time of year to get married in, but hey, I think all four seasons have their incredible benefits to them, I just love weddings!

If you’d like to chat weddings more, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your wedding and we can find out if my style of happy, relaxed wedding photography might be a good fit for your day.

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