June 2, 2014

London engagement shoot: Angela & Rudo

Angela & Rudo are getting married on Friday (yep, only four days to go!) at the beautiful Suffolk venue of Hengrave Hall.  It’s taken us a long time to get together to do their London engagement shoot as Angela currently lives in Geneva and Rudo in Dubai.

They’ve been planning their wedding from two countries while planning to get married here which I’m sure you’d agree would stress most people out massively.

BUT…! These two are approaching their wedding with absolutely the best attitude, I love it.  Nothing phases them.

Angela’s dress has actually currently gone missing. The dress shop has misplaced it. Granted they are working hard to find it, but Angela just laughs about it. She’s currently investigating how to make a dress out of a table cloth or find something else to wear. She shrugs, laughs it off and says that the day is about marrying Rudo, not her dress. Isn’t that what love should be about?!

I’ve spoken to Angela only on the phone and never uttered a word to Rudo before today, but somehow I felt like I was around old friends and can’t wait for Friday.

If you’re wanting a London engagement shoot or want to find out more about how an engagement shoot can fit into your wedding photography simply click the link to read about the whole process of working with me and then get in touch!

*Post updated with their wedding photos now that their gorgeous Hengrave Hall wedding has taken place too!

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