December 20, 2019

Relaxed sibling photos in the garden

West London family photographer: documentary style photoshoot

It’s ace getting to spend a longer amount of time with a family as it’s the best way to understand how they interact. There is also more time for photographing different activities – I’d always recommend a half or full Day in The Life photo session over a short shoot. Both really enable me to capture the essence of your family life better. This was another photoshoot down in East Molesey, which I end up in quite a lot. This is thanks to another family I’ve photograph a lot over the years who are prolific recommenders – thanks Louise!

Quality family time together

In the autumn, I got to photograph this gorgeous crew at their home in west London for half a day. It was so enjoyable! They were just so much fun to hang out with and the three kids got on so well. I think back to how my brother and I bickered as kids. This was a million miles removed from our endless fighting!

We spent a lot of time in the garden enjoying tree climbing, the trampoline and the climbing frame. Then we all headed down to the local river and rode bikes, explored the banks and ran around some big playing fields. Add in an excitedly happy pup and I’m sure you can picture the scene.

In our increasingly busy world I love seeing families make time to simply be together. I appreciate it’s hard to do, but it really does pay dividends for both your photos but also our lives in general.

Consider a family photoshoot at your home

Often families think their everyday life just isn’t interesting enough for photos, but I challenge you to think differently.

I love these photos so much! They show kids having fun in their home environment just being themselves. No forced poses or Sunday best clothes.

In years to come, they will no longer want to climb trees or ride bikes in the same way and that little sliver of time will be gone for good, These photos will become treasured memories as they capture their three children’s personalities exactly as they are at this moment in time. And yes there are some ‘family portraits’, but they are taken without posing, without cheesy grins and without awkwardness – just a family having fun in the sun and enjoying each other’s company.

Your family is absolutely interesting enough, your home is absolutely good enough, and your everyday world is absolutely worth documenting.

If you’ve been torn between having a family photography session at home or out and about and can’t decide, check out this gallery to see examples from both types of shoot to help you decide.

If you’re looking for a West London family photographer, or a photographer anywhere else for that matter, get in touch below to arrange a photo shoot. I can definitely help you out if you haven’t updated your family photos in a while :).

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