November 4, 2021

4 reasons winter photos at home are the absolute best!

With winter drawing in, the weather isn’t always in your favour to frolic in fields, sit in wild flowers and be outside for long even when the days are dry and bright so what do you do?

Have your winter family photos at home!

Yes, I know what you’ll say… your home isn’t big enough, you’re about to redecorate, you want to move in the next few years etc.

BUT, hear me out! Winter is a brilliant time to have photos taken at home

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1. The weather isn’t a consideration

It’s the most obvious one but there is no need to worry about the weather if you opt to have your photos at home. This takes all stress out of the day with thoughts of rescheduling if the weather isn’t in your favour.

If the rain is pouring, you’re snuggled up indoors and it’s freezing, you’ll stay nice and dry.

Of course, if it happens to start snowing let’s go out and catch some snowflakes but these things can happen on a whim!

Being inside when it’s freezing is easier on little kids as you escape the potential for moaning about being cold and bright red noses!

Harpenden family documentary photos

2. Do you have festive traditions that you’d love photos of?

Do you do anything in the run up to the festive season that you’d love to photograph your family doing together? Do you have any family traditions that you’d love to have photos of while your children are young?

Can you imagine family photos of you all decorating your tree together or making Christmas cookies (bad Christmas sweaters optional!) – I think this would be adorable. If you celebrate Hannukah how about capturing photos of you decorating donuts, lighting the candles and spinning the dreidel together?

3. Your home is the perfect location for family photos

I’ve said it many times before but your home really is the perfect location for photos if you’re looking for relaxed family photography. It’s the fabric of your life together; the patchwork of your memories. I appreciate there is always something that needs repainting or fixing up – that is just the reality of life with children to keep up with!

St Albans family photos at home on sofa

But the chipped skirting board doesn’t show up in photos and even if it does, you’ll be too busy looking at the happy faces and the love in your photos to worry about such things. 

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Family photography St Albans, St Albans family photographer, relaxed family photography, family photos at home

4. Capture your favourite at home activities

The final benefit of photos at home (in winter or at any time of year!) is that you really capture what your kids are into at this phase in their life, rather than photos of how they look.

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If your daughter is so obsessed with jigsaws you struggle to drag her away from them, you’ll see that in your photo gallery. If your son loves a teddy bear picnic more than anything else right now, then you’ll have those memories forever in photo form.

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More broadly if you want the day-to-day routines captured of teeth brushing, bath time and making endless snacks before they’re self-sufficient then all these little tasks happen at home.

As winter draws in, don’t put off booking your photos until summer again. Your children will be another year older and summer has all the distractions of holidays, BBQs, parties and more. As we all settle in for cold weather, isn’t this the right time to get those snuggly photos of you together?

new parents at home birth in fresh 48 session st albans

If it’s the right time to chat about how we can make this winter the time for your family to capture these memories then I’d love to talk to you about it.

You can see more photos in the St Albans family photo gallery to get an idea of how it is to work with me and then you can get in touch with me here. Can’t wait to natter!

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