September 1, 2013

Hertfordshire marquee wedding: Kim & Simon

Kim & Simon’s Hertfordshire marquee wedding can be summed up in one word: fun. They were really keen to make the day their own so they opted for a humanist ceremony so they could have every element represent them.

During the ceremony they had a hand tying ritual which I’d never seen before but absolutely LOVED. It was so special and full of emotion. I admit, I had to stop and wipe away tears during the hand-tying but then almost had to do the same again, but this time tears of laughter when Simon’s band were getting the guests singing the Beatles back and forward across the aisle at each other. Simon is such a talented musician (he teaches music for a living) so it was amazing that they got to incorporate this into their day too.

Why pick a marquee wedding?

I won’t stop at saying their day was fun… It was also beyond elegantly decorated as well.

They had erected a beautiful marquee in the gardens of Simon’s family home. The ceremony area and reception area were separate but both adorned largely in white with hints of green. The decorations were striking in their simplicity. You’ll see the bridesmaids in mint green and then the tables also had elements of green on them; vases of apples, bunches of wild flowers and elegantly calligraphy place settings.

A marquee is definitely more work as you need to do everything from scratch but Kim and Simon prove why it can definitely be worth the time and effort investment as it really can look absolutely stunning if you have the inclination (and space!)

It’s all about the wedding atmosphere

Really, it was the atmosphere of Kim & Simon and their family and friends that made the day – the gentle ripples of laughter that rang out across the whole venue.  And Kim’s super infectious smile that beamed out all day.

Originally, Kim was won over by Simon’s unique dance move (which should be trademarked!) and this has now spread through the whole wedding party – they were all doing “the Simon”. So there was a lot of laughter from all parties!

You get the feeling that these two are just going to be laughing and doing Simon dancing forever ;).

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