September 20, 2013

Hanbury Manor wedding: Joanne & Glenn

I loved my second Hanbury Manor wedding in the private walled garden area of the venue. It feels like a different world with the light and bright orangery and the ivy climbing the wall coupled with the black and white checkered floor. It’s just such a lovely ceremony space. And it always helps being around such a fun, happy couple to make a wedding feel super special!

Glenn, being a PGA pro-golfer, started the day with 18 holes of golf which is certainly something I’ve never seen before! He swears it keeps him calm – he’s obviously never seen the way I play golf because I am never calm on the course! Joanne, much more traditionally, started the day with a glass of bubbly with the girls – much more my scene!  Then surrounded by their family and closest friends they had a short and sweet ceremony and got on with the celebrating!

Why have a Hanbury Manor wedding?

Hanbury Manor is a lovely hotel and golf club in Hertfordshire with various different wedding options you can explore. They often have several weddings on the same day on high summer dates (you’d never know this though because it’s a super slick operation) so if you really want an exclusive use venue then it might not tick all the boxes for you.

Inside the main house you have Poles Hall, the original chapel and you also the private walled garden which accommodates slightly fewer guests and is slightly removed from the main house. Both areas allow you to still use the main house for photos.

If you’re having a Hanbury Manor wedding and you’re looking for a Hertfordshire wedding photographer to give you happy, natural photos, please do get in touch and let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit for each other!

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