February 6, 2014

Gosfield Hall wedding photographer: Jody & Stuart

Gosfield Hall wedding photographer: Jody & Stuart

So, I didn’t actually get round to blogging any of the weddings I second shot last year, so I’m taking time while things are a little quieter so catch up.  Bad Tori!  I hadn’t worked as a Gosfield Hall wedding photographer before so I jumped at the chance to head on over on a quiet Saturday.

Jody & Stuart got married at Gosfield Hall in Essex last May (yikes!) and I had the pleasure of second shooting for my good friend Nick Dale.

It is a staggeringly beautiful venue and the weather was corking so all drinks were in their very pretty gardens.  Luckily the venue is pretty flexible and their beloved dog was allowed to join them for the ceremony and drinks.

I mainly hung out with the guys in the morning (including Jody & Stuart’s very adorable sons who I certainly took a lot of photos of!)  I did nip up to see Jody briefly while she was getting ready and the bridal suite as Gosfield Hall really is a sight to see.  It’s bigger than my whole house for a start!

Their little boy was so funny during the ceremony – I think he thought he was in charge of hospitality.  He’d take periodic strolls round checking in on people, waving at folk etc.  Aren’t kids just so funny?!

I’d love the chance to work as a Gosfield Hall wedding photographer again so if you’re getting married at Gosfield Hall, definitely get in touch! And if you’d like to see a bit more laughter filled wedding photography to get a feel for the type of wedding photography you can expect if you hire me then it’s all on that link 🙂

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