December 29, 2013

2013: year in review – my best wedding photographs

Best wedding photographs: 2013, a year in review

It’s always a done thing among photographers to post their ‘favourite’ photos or a review of the year at the end of one. I have done the same for the last few years. But the biggest problem is narrowing down your photos into a sensible number as ‘favourites’.

I have so many different attachments to some of the photos I’ve taken… some I’ve loved because I’ve enjoyed being involved in a wedding so much while maybe nobody else sees what I see in the photos; sometimes it’s because I became a member of someone’s family just for a sliver in time while photographing their children; photographed newly engaged couples on pre-wedding shoots; taken photos at a crazy photography workshops where I’ve pushed myself and made new friends; I’ve photographed people where they are happiest; sometimes I’ve just taken personal photos that I love. Whether or not anyone else will look at these photos and think they are the best of the best or merited being reposted, I don’t know, but they are certainly my favourites. Tricky huh?

I’ve had the most amazing year, again, and couldn’t have done it without the wonderful couples and families I’m so honoured to work with. Thank you to each and every one of you.

I have some awesome weddings lined up for next year already so I’m very excited about 2014, but if you want to chat about your wedding photos then please do get in touch and I look forward to thanking you next New Year’s Eve 😉

Happy New Year all…

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