October 10, 2014

Shoreditch engagement shoot: Magda and Ian

​Magda & Ian met up with me in a sea of London commuters at a brave 7:30am to wander round east London for their Shoreditch engagement shoot. It was supposed to be a gorgeous sunrise. It turned out to be a bit rubbish and cold, but we ploughed on.

I was more impressed though by the fact that they’d just spent three days on the Isle of Wight at a music festival (which is one of their favourite past times) and had had barely any sleep. But they were still up for a good old giggle…  And even being hounded by a rather friendly morning drunk didn’t perturb them. I reckon anything life throws at them they’ll take on with a smile!

We wandered, chatted, stopped for coffee & green tea along the way.  We talked about Magda & Ian’s upcoming nuptials at Chilston Park which sounds very stylish indeed.  I heard about their love of photos (albeit in that they both take them for a living being radiographers!) and generally spent a really enjoyable morning wandering the winding streets of East London.

I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding to roll round & don’t forget to check back.  Also a little thanks to Sam & Les for recommending that Magda & Ian get in touch with me!

If you fancy your Shoreditch engagement shoot then definitely get in touch

Update: here is their Chilston Park wedding now that the day has passed!

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