September 10, 2020

Good photos bring you good business

Why is photography so important for your brand?

I know, I would say this being a photographer. But start breaking things down and looking at the brands with huge social media engagement and brand awareness and they all have one thing in common; well thought out photography and content strategy. I truly believe that good photos bring you good business so let’s dig into the reasons why.

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Photography has always been important. In the age of online business, when everyone is trying to compete for the same slice of the pie, it’s more critical than ever to have a strategy to stand out.

Think about it… you meet someone at a networking meeting, what’s the first thing they do if they want to know more? Hit up your website or look you up on Instagram. And as knowledgeable as you seem in person, a lackluster online presence is make or break for lots of people.

Know, like, trust: the principal that runs business

It doesn’t matter the product or service you provide, if your clients are online then you should be too. I know some people still resist social media. Sure, you don’t have to be posting socially, but your brand needs to be getting out there. It’s just a networking meeting that’s gone online!

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Consider a basic sales funnel – everyone at the top is a potential client and at the bottom are confirmed sales. Your first touch point with any prospect is obviously at the top.  Where do they do that?

In person. Or online through your photos.

Breaking it down to the simplest point. Good photos get people’s interest long enough for them to stick around to find out more.

  • Good photos = build a following
  • Following = increases traffic
  • Higher traffic = More interactions
  • Interaction = Emotional investment and trust in your brand
  • Trust= More business

If you have poor photos that turn people off the minute they find you, it’s not even a leaky funnel, that’s just broken! They won’t stick around to find out more.

Consider these photos, it’s the same item in both but which might make you interested to learn more or come and buy from me? I could make the tastiest macaroons in the world (anyone else love making macaroons or is that just me?!) but poor presentation wont get people ordering from me online if they don’t look delicious. There is no element of story or aspirational living in the first photo. And that’s why branding photography is so critical to businesses.

product photography macaroons

Look at the big players…

Don’t just take my word for it. Big companies know this fact to be true and it’s why they invest heavily in photography at the core of their brands. They cleverly curate social media channels with top notch content to keep you wanting more.

Take Nike. They were, at the time of writing, the most followed brand on Instagram with approximately 103 MILLION followers. In 2019 they spent around $3.75m on advertising, however they put 40% less over the last 3 years into traditional advertising (TV, magazine, billboard) and used that budget for online advertising instead.

And the starting point of this strategy? The strong photos you immediately recognise as on-brand Nike. They deal with nearly 1 million yearly interactions over their social channels so they are doing something right!

Looking at the photos below I’m sure you’d be able to tell me that these were the Instagram feeds of Starbucks, Tiffany & Co, and Chambord without much help, even if you don’t actively follow them. They are clear in their message, on brand and consistent.

The bottom line of it: good photos bring you good business

Consumers are attracted to, or put off, your brand by how visually appealing it is from the first touch points they have with you.

If you want people to stick around for longer to find out more about you and to start the know, like, trust process, you have to give them a reason to do so…

Quality photography is not the place to cut corners when you are building a sales and marketing strategy for your business.

I am happy to chat through any ideas you have or give you any pointers for how to make your existing photos seem more consistent if you’re not ready to commit to a full branding shoot.

The bottom line is you need to be one thing:


Check out the full gallery to see all the amazing companies that have used branding photography to help elevate their business. I’d love to help you out in the same way – let’s chat!

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