June 5, 2020

What is branding photography & do you need it?

What is branding photography?

So, when I talk about branding photography I can sort of see people start to get a tiny bit of a furrow going on between their brows and then often ask “but what is branding photography, Tori?” so I thought I’d hop on and explain what I’m talking about. In the same way for my family photography work, terms like documentary and lifestyle are so commonplace to me, I know that these phrases can be really confusing, so here goes!

flamingo themed flatlay with apple mac

Lifestyle branding photography is a growing phenomenon for companies whereby they use photography to showcase themselves and what they do in a fun way, but without being too in your face ‘salesy’. It’s a really effective way to sell the lifestyle of working with your brand rather than just selling a product in a boring way.

small company relaxed group photo

How to use your photos?

Any company can show a headshot of the person who runs the business. Smarter companies use branding photography to their advantage to show not only the people that work there, but HOW it with feel to work with you, HOW you will help other businesses, and make other people feel they MUST have you and nobody else for what you do.

For example, the amazing Lindi and her team at Your Admin Hub have a brilliant brand based around flamingoes and the idea of being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. It’s totally them and really unique. However, their team has grown, their clientele has evolved and matured and she wanted an update of their photos. Rather than all the photos being very pink and overtly ‘flamingo’ she wanted to stay on brand but still show them as the fun, approachable but hard-working team they are. As such we incorporated flamingos and the colour pink into every photo but in a subtle way while showing how it is to have the Your Admin Hub in your business corner. And if you are looking for a VA I can highly recommend these awesome women to really give your business a kick up the bum!

modern headshots for female businesswomen

Branding photography shoots are amazing for updating your website, populating your social media feeds and creating awesome blog posts. Moreover, it’s great to have that bank of on-brand imagery that you have to hand to pick from whenever you need a photo, without having to stress about what to post, will the photo match your brand etc.

st albans branding shoot with small business

What should I consider when booking a branding photography shoot?

1. Make sure you’ve done your research before the shoot. If you are spending the money you want to make sure you get the most out of it. Random photos taken without a plan won’t have that cohesive feel you need from them so you want to plan, plan, plan in advance. This means thinking through wardrobe, location, what you’ll use the photos for. Intent is key when it comes to your branding photography shoot.

2. Book the right photographer for you. You need someone who can really make you feel comfortable and gets what you are trying to do. I feel that there is no one size fits all strategy – I take photos for you to the brief that we create together so make sure you aren’t being pushed into ideas that don’t fit with your business brand.

3. What are you going to use the photos for? Make a plan! Getting your photos back from you branding photography shoot is a brilliant chance to update that website and then promote it. So, if you have launches, promos, collaborations or anything else coming up make sure you’ve made a plan to vigorously promote your business and find opportunities for others to do the same.

pink themed branding shoot

If you want to see lots more examples of how you can brand your business through photography, head over to this gallery of branding photography to have a look around.

Then if you think I might be the right person to help you out with your branding photography strategy, I’d love to chat it through with you, simply get in touch and we can chat!

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