July 28, 2016

Minstrel Court wedding photographer: Becky & Allan

I’d never had the pleasure of being a Minstrel Court wedding photographer before, but I’d driven past the rather unassuming gates many times. When the gates were finally opened on Becky and Allan’s wedding day I was truly shocked. What a hidden little gem Mistrel Court is! A beautiful little wedding pavilion is nestled on a lake and surrounded by greenery. It certainly didn’t hurt that the sun was shining down making everything shimmer! 

I met the girls at a nearby hotel in Royston where they were getting ready. The morning did consistent of a little getting ready, in between endless bouts of laughter and giggling! Becky had picked a truly stunning dress that was embroidered with delicate pink and purple flowers. It was gorgeous. She coupled it with rose gold Folie Folie jewelery and some rose gold sparkly Carvela shoes.

The guys were all suited and booted at the venue and looking very smart. Allan seemed pretty nervous when I arrived and was just eager to see his bride. The smile on his face when he caught a glimpse of her walking round to the pavilion was so lovely.

The rest of the day followed suit – sunshine, lots of laughter and good times. After their afternoon tea reception there were brilliant speeches, especially by Allan’s three best men. I couldn’t possibly divulge the embarrassing stories they told but there was much laughter all round.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful honeymoon Becky & Allan!

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