May 16, 2024

An intimate same sex wedding with disco ball flowers!

There are some days that just make your heart sing. This was one of them.

Nigel and his family have been friends of my family since I was a child so seeing him meet Blake, fall in love and then get married was a truly special moment in my life as a photographer.

Their day was intimate and incredible. I turned up to find Blake totally overcome with emotion from the moment I got to St Michael’s Manor. Every guest that walked in the door set him off again, bless him! Nigel was much calmer, saying hi to people, sorting the flowers (complete with incredible disco ball vases!) done by the amazing Alison at Boho Flowers and Yulia at South Barn Flower Co.

The ceremony was absolutely wonderful; a Mexican wave of emotion travelled through the room at one point like a gut punch. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. This truly was a day full of love and emotion. Plus let’s not forget to mention the two epic suits!

Stef, Nigel’s sister made the delicious cake. Nigel’s Mum made a heartfelt toast (the speech, not the breakfast food despite protestations to the contrary!) Two families and only the closest of friends merged and mingling. It may have been short time wise but it wasn’t short on all the important things.

Nigel and Blake are truly wonderful humans individually and such a fabulous couple so being witness to the beginning of their marriage was a true honour.

If you’re getting married at St Michael’s Manor or any other Hertfordshire wedding venue and you’d like to see if my style of happy, relaxed photography might fit into your wedding day, let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good fit!

Bride and groom laugh in front of weeping willow

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