May 15, 2024

A celebrant led wedding at the family home

There are lots of reasons why I love a celebrant led wedding and this wedding was all of them!

Emily & Jake opted to get married in her parent’s beautiful garden in Hertfordshire and it was genuinely a family affair. Emily’s Mum had built a stunning wooden playground and tipi for the kiddie guests. Emily had made all the festival sticks and love hearts for all the seats. Her sister-in-law made macrame decorations for the trees around the edge of the ceremony area. Emily even reupholstered some beautiful chaise lounges for the garden for guests to recline on in the sunshine – how talented!

Of course, it looked absolutely stunning and the details were next level like the amazing flower arrangement hanging from the huge tree that Emily and Jake said their vows under and the Cuban jazz band that regaled the guests over the buddha bowl food. The garden is two levels and the bottom area was for the wedding ceremony which was centred around the big beautiful tree with all the chairs in a beautiful circle. The top level had a large canvas tipi set up for cake cutting and dancing later in the evening.

I had been concerned that if any rain fell on their wedding day that they’d put zero contingency in place for wet weather, but Emily seemed super chilled out about it and I needn’t have worried. Obviously, Emily & Jake knew something I didn’t. They got married on the absolute hottest day of the year and it was over 35 degrees all day and crazy sunny!

There were more than a few tears shed (by both the couple and the assembled guests) during the beautiful vows where Emily eloquently talked about the passage of time and Jake professed his love for his best friend.

While melting, I watched heartfelt speeches, amazing dancing, energetic bouquet throwing and took laughter filled couple photos. This day was truly perfect. Just take a look through these happy photos.

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New husband and wife laugh during celebrant led wedding under pampas grass arch at Hertfordshire wedding

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