September 26, 2023

A gorgeous celebrant led wedding in the back garden

This wedding was incredible in every way but tinged with sadness for Rachel and Kieron. They had to move the date up after close family members on both sides found out they weren’t well. Then the day before their planned outdoor garden wedding which they’d put so much work into the forecast changed to rain so they had to run round finding a marquee to put up so there was a lot of stress all round!

On the day itself, it all worked out as it should; the sun shone all day, the garden looked amazing. All the details that had been lovingly hand-made were pure perfection. All family were in attendance and loved the day. And it was amazing from start to finish.

Rachel and Kieron had a celebrant led ceremony led by Amanda in Rachel’s amazing family home and it was heart-felt, funny and sentimental. It had elements of everything they loved but whimsical elements too like their love of Harry Potter and Marvel in it. That tied in with the handmade Marvel Lego cufflinks Kieron had made for the boys and the Harry Potter table names. They also did sand mixing during the ceremony to tie their lives together.

Rachel and Kieron had also made a huge pampas grass arch that they married under and those beautiful details wound through the garden; in trees, on the hay bales that guests enjoyed drinks and canapes on. The whole affair was just idyllic.

Check out the photos below, including their amazing cake (a hybrid of traditional and Marvel!) and flowers by Samantha May (including birds of paradise and bright colours). This was such a joy-filled day and I’m so proud I got to witness it and capture it for this amazing couple and their families.

Bride and groom laugh while sitting on fallen tree trunk

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