April 29, 2024

A celebrant led wedding at Tipis at Beaumont Hall

“She never needed a husband”

I loved these words from Mandy’s brother during his speech. I think it summed up everything about Mandy perfectly. She’d been more than happy to not get married. And then John came into her life. And it was just so obviously meant to be.

And it was so clear that everyone in the Beaumont Hall tipi knew it (all 190 of them!)

I’ve never seen a wedding where two worlds collide so thoroughly. John’s family from various different strands were there. Mandy’s far-flung friends from all corners of the world were there. So many people had travelled to celebrate with them. And it was like these people had always known each other.

John’s incredible children were suddenly life-long family members with Mandy’s amazing niece and nephew. Guests chatted like old friends reunited. 

Mandy had told me when I mentioned to her how amazing this was that “that’s just what all weddings are like”, but no Mandy, not all weddings are like that. This was something special to witness!

This wedding was like a big hug from an old friend.

Of course, the flowers were incredible and their celebrant led ceremony was amazing, the speeches were incredibly heartfelt and had everyone in the room (including me!) in tears, the weather smiled on them, the dancefloor kicked off like crazy. But it was definitely just the feel in the room that made this one something really special.

If you’re having an outdoor or celebrant led wedding and you’d like to see if my style of happy, relaxed photography might fit into your wedding day, let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good fit!

Bride and groom wearing sunglasses and dip kiss during couple portraits on Fishpool Street in St Albans

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